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One Cop Was Suspended For A Reason That Will Make You Flip Out

One Cop Was Suspended For A Reason That Will Make You Flip Out


Police officers have been under constant assault by rioters and the so-called mainstream media.

The press has provided cover for leftist radicals to run the streets.

Now one cop was suspended for a reason that will make you flip out.

An NYPD officer was suspended for saying “Trump 2020” from his squad car loudspeaker after being heckled by an unhinged leftist.

The anonymous leftist began recording with his camera phone and provoked the officer to “say it again.”

The officer did, and the person holding the camera screeched, “Go f*** yourself, you f***ing fascist.”

The unnamed officer was suspended because cops are prohibited from endorsing political candidates while on duty.

Mayor Bill de Blasio denounced the officer’s actions as “100% unacceptable.”

De Blasio throwing his officers under the bus is nothing new, but the actions taken against the officers expose deep hypocrisy.

Department Chief Terrence Monahan was praised for taking a knee with Black Lives Matter extremists while in uniform.

BLM is literally a Marxist organization that engages in acts of terror against cops and civilians and advocates for the subversion of the entire American system.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association ripped de Blasio for the move and tweeted a picture of Monahan literally genuflecting to the extremists.

The SBA said:

“The NYPD has a history of officers making political & outside the norm statements & ignoring it. Suspending this officer is unnecessary & way over the top. Chief of Department took a knee with protesters, no disciplinary action was issued. What if the officer supported Biden?”

The question posed by the SBA is a good one.

De Blasio would’ve had no problem with the officer saying “Biden-Harris.”

It’s no wonder many rank-and-file police officers favor Donald Trump over Joe Biden.

Biden and the Democrats had serious discussions about defunding the police, then walked it back when they realized it polled so horribly with Americans.

Law enforcement officers have been under siege by the radical left for months in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

Attorney General William Barr designated several cities “anarchist jurisdictions” after Democrat leaders failed to enforce the rule of law.

For example, Portland has been captured entirely by the radical left, and a mayoral challenger who deems herself the “Antifa mayor” is set to oust the feckless Ted Wheeler.

It took months for the Democrats and their media allies even to acknowledge that the violence was happening, then they tried to pawn it off on “right-wing” agitators.

There’s a clear reason why police unions across the country have thrown their support behind Trump.

He’s the only candidate talking about law and order and taking back the streets from unhinged radical leftists.

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