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One Cop Spoke Out About The Dangerous Action His Mayor Took

One Cop Spoke Out About The Dangerous Action His Mayor Took

The murder of George Floyd has broken the country in half.

The anti-American radicals have been using Floyd’s death to bully governors, mayors, and police chiefs into submission.

But one cop is speaking out against the dangerous actions his mayor took.

Opportunistic leftists, criminals, and domestic terrorists have been looking for any excuse to further their agenda.

The death of George Floyd provided moral cover for them temporarily, but they need to keep the outrage going.

They’ve since tried to use the death of Atlanta resident Rayshard Brooks to fuel their supposed righteous indignation.

However, the fact is Brooks was drunk and fell asleep in his car in the middle of a Wendy’s drive thru.When the police arrived on the scene, they calmly questioned him for over 20 minutes.

After Brooks failed a breathalyzer test, he became violent and resisted arrest.

Brooks had an extensive criminal record and was in jeopardy of having his probation revoked with an arrest.

That’s when Brooks wrestled with the cops on the ground, concussed one of them, stole his taser, then fired it at the officer as he tried to run away.

Despite this obvious criminal behavior, the so-called mainstream media have attempted to excuse Brooks’s actions.

One CNN commentator even said of black citizens’ interaction with cops, “Every time we don’t fight back, we die.”

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who’s a potential running mate for Joe Biden, sided with the left-wing outrage mob and threw her officers under the bus.

One of them was even charged with murder.

Since then, many Atlanta police officers have called out “sick” in protest and one officer is going on the record with how he feels about the case.

Detective Al Hogan, the officer assigned to the case, said he would’ve charged Brooks with ten felonies.

Typically, officers serve as prosecution witnesses, but Hogan filed his report for the defense.

Hogan said in his report:

“I gathered all the audio and video evidence as well as interviewed witnesses that would speak with me on scene…My investigation showed that [Rayshard] Brooks’s behavior did in fact warrant several federal charges, but before I was able to pursue those charges, I was informed that [Rayshard] Brooks had died, negating the necessity for that portion of my investigation.”

The charges included DUI, felony obstruction, aggravated assault against a police officer, battery against a police officer, theft by taking, removal of a weapon from a public official, and robbery.

Also, the Georgia statute considers the use of a taser as deadly force, so the officer was justified in shooting Brooks.

Unfortunately, Mayor Bottoms and District Attorney Paul Howard, who’s currently under investigation for malfeasance, played politics instead of defending their officers.

This happens far too often with craven politicians who are more afraid of a bad press headline than upholding the law.

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