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One Big Exodus Could Severely Threaten Your Community’s Freedom

One Big Exodus Could Severely Threaten Your Community’s Freedom

Freedom and safety are incredibly important values.

Cultivating an environment conducive to raising a family and living a good life is a chief concern for many people.

But one big exodus could severely threaten your community’s freedom.

A lot of hubbub has been made about illegal immigration, and rightly so.

Unfettered illegal immigration has many adverse effects, including straining public resources.

But another mass movement of people is also of great concern: liberals fleeing deep-blue states for red states.

California and New York State are bleeding citizens, specifically people coming from New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

And unfortunately, they’re bringing their bad liberal policies with them.

They proudly sport their Bernie Sanders bumper stickers while fleeing high-tax areas that have become unlivable for so many people.

New York State loses 100,000 people a year.

Most of them go to Florida and North Carolina.

There’s even a term for New Yorkers who settle in North Carolina: “halfbacks.”

They get half-way to Florida, then don’t come back to New York.

Big-government policies directed from Albany have forced municipalities to raise property taxes from 2% to as high as 10%.

Also, cities jack up the rate for traffic tickets by manyfold in hopes of raking in more money.

And people are fed up with it.

Even Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo said you can’t raise taxes too high because rich New Yorkers will simply move away.

But it’s not just the rich.

In California, the problem is arguably worse.

Taxpayers are fleeing Texas while the illegal immigration population is soaring due to lax immigration laws and sanctuary city policies.

Moving companies are price-gouging customers looking to relocate from an area like San Francisco to an area such as Las Vegas.

The price going out of California versus going in can be over $1,000 more expensive.

However, the big problem is that many of these tax refugees go to Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee and continue to vote blue.

They can’t make the connection that their liberal voting patterns were the cause of the problems.

For example, San Francisco’s middle class has been completely hollowed out by big-government policies.

The city makes it almost impossible to build new housing.

The shortage puts upward pressure on the housing market, so costs skyrocket.

Far-left politicians raise taxes, which drives out business.

Adding to that, neglecting the homelessness problem has turned the city into a trash heap with needles and human feces everywhere.

San Francisco predictably blames Republicans for the problems even though they haven’t had any political clout in the region in decades.

These same problems are springing up in Los Angeles and Seattle.

Until these blue-state expats realize they’ve made a terrible mistake, they’re going to bring their bad ideas to places like Texas, which is already blue in the big urban centers.

Liberals need a wake-up call in basic economics.

Their flawed policies need to be highlighted and mocked.

Maybe then they’ll start voting with more perspective.

Red states don’t want these terrible policies sinking their communities.


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