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Officials Using Coronavirus To Smash Civil Liberties In A Terrifying Way

Officials Using Coronavirus To Smash Civil Liberties In A Terrifying Way


The Wuhan virus has wrecked the United States in unimaginable ways.

Freedoms once taken for granted have been suddenly whisked away.

Now officials are using the coronavirus to smash civil liberties in a terrifying way.

The so-called mainstream media are still fear mongering over the coronavirus.

The initial push was for everyone to self-quarantine in order to “flatten the curve” and ensure that the healthcare system didn’t become overwhelmed.

Americans answered the call and hospital capacity was never threatened in any significant way.

In fact, New York – the epicenter of the outbreak in America – saw many field hospitals close up shop with very little occupancy.

When certain states first began to reopen, there wasn’t a spike in cases.

However, there was a spike in cases after mass protesting, rioting, and looting roiled across the nation.

Democrats and their media allies have been contorting logic to explain why supposed antiracism protests were perfectly fine, but gatherings for any other reason are deadly.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio even directed contract tracers not to ask positive coronavirus patients if they attended a protest.

But now Rockland County in upstate New York is threatening to subpoena young people who attended a party where some had the coronavirus unless they submit to contract tracing.

If they don’t submit, the county could fine them $2,000 per day.

This is complete madness.

The Democrats are desperate for Americans to believe that thousands of people packed into the  streets to protest had no effect on the spike in cases – meanwhile, they crack down on partygoers and anti-lockdown protesters.

New York also failed on a state level when Governor Andrew Cuomo made the disastrous decision to put coronavirus patients back in nursing homes where the most vulnerable population resides.

Democrats tell everyone to listen to the experts, but the experts have been dead wrong multiple times. Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the White House coronavirus task force, even admitted that the experts lied to the American people about the efficacy of masks.

Also, many dissenting opinions have been silenced.

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Some have warned that a vaccine or bulletproof treatment is not coming any time soon, if at all, and the best way to combat the virus is by reaching herd immunity.

That’s the model Sweden has undertaken. They didn’t shut down their entire economy and have done relatively well in terms of cases and deaths.

The United States is mired in a policy that doesn’t make sense.

The county was gradually reopening the economy to great effect until hordes of protesters jammed the streets and ruined reopening plans.

Despite that, while the number of cases has increased, the death rate continues to plummet.

If the American people had an honest media, this problem wouldn’t be much easier to navigate.

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