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Officials Let A Criminal Go Because Of COVID And The Result Was Infuriating

Officials Let A Criminal Go Because Of COVID And The Result Was Infuriating

Ibrahim Bouaichi

The Democrats don’t actually care about the safety of American citizens.

Their twisted ideology has led them to put the lives of criminals ahead of law-abiding citizens.

After officials let one criminal go because of COVID-19, the result was infuriating.

Liberal officials in several Democrat-run states have let criminals out of prison because of the Wuhan virus.

And it’s not just low-level criminals, but violent offenders have been put back on the street, too.

That was the case in Virginia, and the consequences were both tragic and enraging.

Ibrahim Bouaichi had been indicted on charges of rape, strangulation, and abduction after a woman named Karla Dominguez accused him of sexual assault.

Due to the severity of the crime, Bouaichi had been held without bond, but his lawyers argued that prisons wouldn’t be able to adequately keep him safe, so he was released on $25,000 bond.

From the New York Post:

“Bouaichi turned himself in 11 days later, and a judge ordered him held without bond. Then, despite objections by an Alexandria prosecutor, lawyers for the man, who was charged with six felonies, successfully argued on April 9 that he be released on $25,000 bond — with a condition that he only leave his Maryland residence to meet with lawyers or pretrial services officials, the newspaper said.”

Needless to say, Bouaichi did not behave like a model citizen.

After being released from jail, Bouaichi rammed a police vehicle and according to law enforcement authorities, he returned to the home of Dominguez and killed her.

This is despicable on so many levels.

Bouaichi’s supposed safety concerns superseded the obvious real safety concerns of Dominguez.

He never should’ve been back on the street.

Worse yet, these incidents are not unique.

One California criminal was arrested three times in a 12-hour span, flouting the lax laws of the state.

Even communist Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio was forced to admit that the recidivism rate among COVID-excused criminals was disturbing.

He lamented the fact they were given second chances.

Unfortunately, this is what criminals do.

That’s why it’s the job of law enforcement to limit the harm done by criminals.

But Democrats are preoccupied with social engineering.

They can’t fathom the possibility of a criminal exploiting the coronavirus to get out of jail early and commit more crimes.

And it’s not just the politicians.

The media have a role to play, too.

They constantly downplay the violence because they don’t want Donald Trump’s narrative about cities descending into chaos to be realized.

Blood is on the hands of these feckless officials who are so invested in putting criminals back on the street while punishing law abiding citizens.

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