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One Official Just Exposed The Frightening Thing China Just Did

One Official Just Exposed The Frightening Thing China Just Did

Congressman Greg Murphy

The Wuhan virus has done unimaginable damage to the global economy.

The damage to the United States is particularly devastating because of how much the world depends on America.

But one official just exposed the frightening thing China just did.

Over 1.2 million lives have been lost worldwide because of COVID-19.

Trillions of dollars have been lost from the global economy and unemployment has skyrocketed.

In the U.S. alone, tens of millions of jobs were lost and thousands of businesses permanently shuttered.

However, one of the most disturbing developments is what China was able to do to America.

Not only did COVID come from Wuhan, but China now knows that a virus can force us to destroy our own society.

Greg Murphy, Republican congressman from North Carolina, made that point in a recent interview.

“China has now seen how they can take over the United States without firing a single shot…Introduce a virus from China to the United States, because we will cripple and we will attack each other based upon politics,” Murphy stated.

The so-called mainstream media actively helped China absolve themselves of blame for the worldwide pandemic because they were more concerned with blaming Donald Trump.

Murphy continued:

“As far as lockdowns, if people stay at home and hide and shelter, yeah it does decrease the spread of virus, but what does it also do? You have an increase in the number of people that have stayed home with chest pain and died at home of heart attacks. You have mental health that has just gone through the roof as far as problems. Suicides have gone up. Domestic violence has gone up…You have businesses that people have literally spent their entire lives putting together that now would be shuttered and closed…So you have to look at what cost has closing society been.”

Doctors from around the globe are concerned that cancer deaths will increase because of a decline in screening and tuberculosis cases will explode.

Meanwhile, China took deliberate steps to exacerbate the crisis for everyone around the world.

Murphy, a physician in his own right, also took aim at the pro-lockdown experts for fear-mongering about the virus nonstop.

He said:

“These infectious disease guys, their whole world revolves about pandemics…The question to Fauci is, what is the endpoint? Because that’s what we surgeons do. We look for a plan and then we have an endpoint. What is the endpoint? Is it hiding from this virus until it goes away? That’s not going to happen.”

This is the point many people have made about the lockdowns. They’ve proven to be ineffective in eradicating the virus, which appears to be the threshold for people like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Some have insisted that we shut down the country for up to two years until the virus is “under control.”

And now China knows they can destroy America with a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate.

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