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Official Charged With A Shocking Crime That Made The Border Crisis Worse

Official Charged With A Shocking Crime That Made The Border Crisis Worse

The Trump administration continues to face obstacles in securing America’s borders.

Adversaries both foreign and domestic are undermining American sovereignty.

And one top official was charged with a shocking crime that made the border crisis worse.

Donald Trump ran on the promise of securing the southern border with Mexico.

He’s significantly curtailed illegal immigration, but drug traffickers and coyotes haven’t stopped their smuggling efforts.

Now Mexico’s former defense chief was arrested in Los Angeles on charges of conspiring with a Mexican drug cartel.

Salvador Cienfuegos was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport for his role in a smuggling operation.

The Cienfuegos indictment read:

“In exchange for bribe payments, he permitted the H-2 Cartel – a cartel that routinely engaged in wholesale violence, including torture and murder – to operate with impunity in Mexico.”

Cienfuegos allegedly conspired with the cartel to distribute heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine into the United States between 2015 and 2017.

Current Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador—nicknamed AMLO—was taken aback as he ran on an anti-corruption platform.

Thus far, AMLO has worked with the Trump administration on scaling back illegal immigration and fraudulent asylum claims as Mexico agreed to house asylum seekers south of the border.

In years past, they would’ve been released into America with most never showing up to their asylum hearing.

AMLO said of the arrest during a press conference, “It is very regrettable that a defense secretary is arrested, accused of links with drug trafficking…We’re facing an unprecedented situation.”

AMLO, who won election in 2018 on a promise to root out malfeasance, said the arrests were proof that Mexico had been previously ruled by “a narco-government and without doubt a mafia government.”

His strong words are buttressed by the dozens of political assassinations that have taken place in Mexico over the years.

In some instances, Mexican police stations were forced to close down after attacks from cartels.

The stunning arrest of Cienfuegos marks the second high-ranking official to be caught by U.S. authorities aiding Mexican cartels.

Former public security minister Genaro Garcia Luna was detained in 2019 for allegedly taking bribes from the ruthless Sinaloa Cartel.

Last year, Ovidio Guzman, son of Sinaloa Cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was arrested in Mexico, but hundreds of cartel soldiers vowed to unleash hell on the city of Culiacan if the younger Guzman was not released.

Mexican authorities relented to the demands and set him free.

Meanwhile, traffickers haven’t stopped attempting to bring in drugs and people into the United States illegally.

The Trump administration isn’t just fighting against the cartels, but also against the globalists who want open borders and the RINOs who want cheap labor.

The arrest of Cienfuegos in Los Angeles highlights the depth and breadth of the border crisis.

The U.S. must be able to protect its borders against the criminal elements constantly threatening it.

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