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Nutcase Bureaucrats Target Homeschoolers – Are You Next?

Nutcase Bureaucrats Target Homeschoolers – Are You Next?

If you are a prepper with a family, then it’s very likely that you are homeschooling now or have considered homeschooling in the past (or considering it for the future). This makes a lot of sense. Who will educate your kids when society has collapsed or when you are in your bug out location away from the remnants of “civilization?”

The answer is: You. You will be the one educating your kids and getting them ready for life in the real world (something which seems to be less and less common these days).

So, it makes sense that many preppers choose to homeschool so that they aren’t tied down to a specific geographic area for educational reasons and also so that they don’t have any adjustment with how to educate their kids. There is no adjustment; they are already the ones doing it.

But, unfortunately, government bureaucrats seem to hate the idea that someone other than a state-sanctioned and designated person can indoctrinate… uh… educate your children. We can argue why that is. Certainly, at least in some cases, it is because they want to instill in your children their values of dependency on government and whatever other social values that they have. (It would seem that instilling their values in their own children and letting your kids grow up thinking for themselves isn’t something that those people are willing to even consider).

Maybe there are other reasons for their desire to regulate and control your children’s’ education, but I haven’t heard any other ones other than that they think they know what is best for you and your children (even when they are wrong).

And, so, these anti-free thinking, anti-homeschooling government employees and politicians try to make it difficult for you to actually care for your children in the way that you feel is best. Proposed legislation in California is just another example of this. Daniel Jennings gives us details:

The bill would direct the State Fire Marshal to prepare minimum requirements for any school with less than less than five students. The State Fire Marshal or city or county fire departments would then have to inspect homeschools for compliance every year.

The bill would allow for warrantless searches of homeschool families’ homes, Mike Smith of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) charged.

“Government officials would be empowered to enter a home without a warrant, reasonable cause, or consent,” Smith wrote of AB 2756. “In other words, this is a clear violation of protections we have under both the federal and state constitutions. Our homes are meant to be free from this type of unlawful state actions.”

Smith also alleged that fire safety is not the real intent of AB 2756.

“The intent of the bill is to protect children from abuse, but there is no evidence that homeschooled children are more likely to be abused than other children,” Smith wrote. “The bill unreasonably and unjustly singles out homeschooling families for this invasion of their homes. If every home with children were subject to this type of scrutiny, society would not stand for it.”

Smith is right: this bill targets homeschoolers. And, frankly, this kind of invasive practice isn’t about protecting children (ever notice how mass shootings happen at schools? Where is the safety there?). No, this bill is about controlling children.

Look, if you’re a homeschooler or considering homeschooling, you should consider moving to an area friendly to homeschooling if you do not already live in an area like that. Because, if you don’t work to protect your children from government intrusion, then you run a fair chance of the government raising your children instead of you.

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