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North Korea Made A Threat That All Americans Need To Take Seriously

North Korea Made A Threat That All Americans Need To Take Seriously

North Korea

North Korea continues to be a serious problem.

The rogue nation has been a thorn in America’s side for decades.

Now North Korea made a threat that all Americans need to take seriously.

North Korea has been increasingly belligerent toward the United States for years.

While Donald Trump helped ease tensions with dictator Kim Jong Un, North Korea refuses to denuclearize.

They’ve talked about making minor concessions, yet negotiations continue.

However, now Kim Jong Un is once again making threats that could mean trouble for the United States.

Jong Un said his country has a “strategic weapon” that will stun the rest of the world with “shocking” effect.

While this could be bluster, there’s no telling with North Korea.

There’s more than one way to do serious damage, especially in the current digital age.

North Korea was allegedly behind the Sony hack that resulted in email dumps from several top officials.

The cyberattack was in retaliation to Sony’s production of “The Interview,” a movie that lampooned Kim Jong Un.

The embarrassing leaked emails led to the dismissal of a handful of executives, including a resignation from Sony chair, Amy Pascal.

A strategic cyberattack targeting the banking system or some other institution could have devastating consequences for the country.

Also, North Korea’s economy is being propped up by China—arguably our main geopolitical threat—so if China wants North Korea to stir up trouble, they will.

North Korea doesn’t want a full-scale war because the Kim regime would end quickly, and the threat they pose to Seoul, South Korea keeps the powder keg on the Korean Peninsula at a standstill.

North Korea has in the past threatened to bomb the U.S. territory of Guam, and they’ve tested the use of an EMP that could cripple an entire city or even a region, so they aren’t afraid to make bold threats.

A rogue nation isn’t easy to predict.

More broadly, North Korea is a perfect example of what happens when government grows too big and becomes tyrannical.

They’re the last surviving Stalinist state.

While other communist nations moderately opened up their markets or collapsed entirely, North Korea has maintained the Soviet model it was founded on.

The entire country of North Korea is essentially a prison.

The citizens have no rights and no freedom.

The government controls everyone and everything.

Speaking out against the regime could get you thrown into a concentration camp or simply executed.

This is why leftist ideas need to be exposed and debunked.

Leftist governments always want to disarm the public first because it makes them easier to control.

North Korea wouldn’t be the global threat it is right now if the citizenry had the means to defend themselves and combat tyranny.

That’s why North Korea must be taken seriously when they announce plans of aggression.

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