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One Nightmarish Coronavirus Policy Backfired In A Major Way

One Nightmarish Coronavirus Policy Backfired In A Major Way

Mayor Bill de Blasio Coronavirus

The Wuhan virus has triggered an unprecedented emergency response.

Many local governments have exploited the crisis for their own personal gain.

And one nightmarish coronavirus policy backfired in a major way.

The Wuhan coronavirus has killed nearly 70,000 Americans and has cost the country trillions in economic damage.

But another thing the coronavirus has done is expose the petty tyranny of the Democrats.

The left has always had an authoritarian streak and now it’s being revealed for everyone to see.

The same people that endlessly call Donald Trump a fascist were livid when he didn’t engage in a fascistic takeover of the American industry and compel wartime mass production.

They ripped him for adhering to federalism and allowing the states to exercise their autonomy.

These would be the same people to rip Trump if he attempted to supersede in state affairs.

The true authoritarians are on the left, and it’s showing in many cities and states.

In New York City, communist mayor Bill de Blasio—who once said he would do away with property rights if he could—has been one of the worst offenders.

Instead of taking action at the onset of the American epidemic, de Blasio encouraged New Yorkers to attend a film festival.

But now, de Blasio is encouraging citizens to snitch on their neighbors.

He instituted a tip line where New Yorkers could report others who weren’t practicing social distancing.

But the plan backfired – the tip line was flooded with lewd pictures and comments.

Something similar happened in St. Louis.

The identity of over 900 informers was leaked on Facebook after their names and addresses were revealed due to a Sunshine Law request.

The tipsters now fear retribution for informing on their neighbors and local businesses.

These actions undertaken by officials in New York and St. Louis are disturbing.

Thankfully, the left hasn’t poisoned the American ethos to the point where Soviet-style snitching on citizens is accepted.

Americans want to be free.

That’s why many shelter in place orders are crumbling.

People are ready to resume their lives.

The so-called mainstream media have tried to frame the divide as red states vs. blue states, but thousands of people in deep blue states are protesting or flat-out ignoring the extended quarantine orders.

California, for example, is attempting to keep everyone cooped up, but that’s going to be less effective as summer approaches. People are flocking to beaches and parks because they want to be outside.

Also, there’s evidence that suggests locking people inside isn’t an effective strategy for combating the spread of the virus.

A minuscule number of people have contracted the coronavirus from outside interaction, according to reports.

Also, UV sunlight and humidity appear to kill the virus faster.

Encouraging people to snitch on one another because they went to a restaurant without a mask is a terrible idea.

Forcing people to stay locked up inside indefinitely is even worse.

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