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Nicknamed “The Punisher” this 68-Year-Old Grandmother Has Taken Up a Machine Gun to Resist Her Oppressors

Nicknamed “The Punisher” this 68-Year-Old Grandmother Has Taken Up a Machine Gun to Resist Her Oppressors

It’s commonly believed that if SHTF, women would be useless in the heat of battle. Truth be told, not all women would do well in battle, as battling it out against the enemy is anything but easy.

But there are many women who have fought, and many more who will fight should the need arise.

For the women of America who have some spunk, and are willing to give the enemy hell, they now have a new role model…and it’s not Sarah Palin or another female politician.

Nope, this time it’s an Ukranian Grandmother who should serve as a beacon of hope for women across the country.

The Daily Mail writes:

A 68-year-old Ukrainian grandmother has been nicknamed ‘The Punisher’ after completing a grueling military training alongside army cadets four decades her junior.

Footage from the army’s training camp shows pensioner Ekaterina Bilyik rolling over snow-covered fields, leaping to her feet and firing assault rifles alongside the young men in her troop.

She is now preparing to take part in the fierce fighting that has torn eastern Ukraine apart.

She said: ‘I have lived here all my life and we survived the Nazi occupation and the Soviets, and I believe in standing up for what’s right and making sure we never see occupation again.

‘I wanted to set an example, to show young people that no matter how old you are you can make a difference, and that was why I decided to sign up.’

Army spokesman Nataliya Ishenko confirmed that the grandmother had taken part in the same military training as other recruits, who were on average four decades younger than her, and that she had passed all the tests and could use a gun with as much accuracy as the rest.

After completing the training she says she is now ready to go to the front line.

How about that for inspiration?

Anyone who thinks they can’t make a difference towards securing freedom needs to see that video. Many times it only takes one person standing up for what’s right to launch a tidal wave of support from others

In the case of “The Punisher,” she has likely inspiried a generation of young men to stand up for freedom.

Know any women who could give her a run for her money?

Tell us in the comments below.

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