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One New Study Just Destroyed A Huge Coronavirus Narrative

One New Study Just Destroyed A Huge Coronavirus Narrative

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The Wuhan virus has led to unprecedented societal change.

Governments around the globe have shut down their entire economies to lessen the damage of the outbreak.

But one new study destroyed a huge coronavirus narrative.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has eclipsed 4 million around the world and has led to 280,000 deaths.

In America, the number of cases has reached 1.35 million with 80,000 deaths.

The global pandemic caused the United States to shut down the world’s biggest and most influential economy, leading to Great Depression levels of unemployment.

Most have seen this unprecedented action as necessary to stem the rising tide of coronavirus cases, but some political factions are determined to keep the lockdown going indefinitely.

However, one new study might’ve just blown up that narrative.

According to data on cases in New York City—the epicenter of America’s outbreak—keeping people cooped up inside could be counterproductive.

Citing the new data, New York governor Andrew Cuomo said that 66% of new cases of the virus came from people who were at home.

Cuomo said, “If you notice, 18 percent of the people came from nursing homes, less than one percent came from jail or prison, two percent came from the homeless population, two percent from other congregate facilities, but 66 percent of the people were at home, which is shocking to us.”

So if 66% of cases are coming from people at home, the justification for the lockdown loses a lot of merit.

Other doctors have also argued that the lockdown has caused people’s immune systems to become weakened.

This new data suggests that it’s time to get people out of the house, especially considering the data explaining that UV sunlight kills the virus.

Now that local governments around the country have “flattened the curve” and stopped healthcare systems from being overwhelmed, it’s time to open up the economy again.

The politicians who want to keep citizens locked inside their houses indefinitely will soon have an insurrection on their hands.

Also, as Cuomo noted, 18% of cases have been found in nursing homes, which have proven to be the true hotspot for the virus.

Between 40 and 60% of coronavirus deaths have occurred in nursing homes.

However, Cuomo mandated that nursing home patients who tested positive for the coronavirus must be let back into their facility.

So the outbreak could’ve been mitigated greatly by quarantining the at-risk population in nursing homes.

Cuomo also highlighted that only 2% of cases occurred in correctional facilities, so the mad dash to release criminals from prison was a mistake.

While cities like New York City have been letting criminals go free and announcing they wouldn’t be enforcing property crimes, they’ve jailed citizens for violating strict lockdown orders.

The country is long past the point of patience with the shelter in place policies.

People are ready to live their lives. They don’t even mind maintaining social distancing – they just want their livelihoods back.

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