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New Study On The Coronavirus Will Have You Pulling Out Your Hair

New Study On The Coronavirus Will Have You Pulling Out Your Hair


The Wuhan virus has caused untold wreckage across the globe.

Some countries are doubling down once again on the crippling quarantine orders.

But one new study on the coronavirus will have you pulling out your hair.

Pro-lockdown officials across the globe have been imploring people to “listen to the science.”

The problem is no matter which way the science goes, the outcome always means more power for the government officials.

In the United Kingdom and other European countries, leaders are in the midst of locking down their countries again.

In response, 500 academics wrote an open letter to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning that a second lockdown was a terrible idea.

“The management of the crisis has become disproportionate and is now causing more harm than good. We urge policy-makers to remember that this pandemic, like all pandemics, will eventually pass but the social and psychological damage that it is causing risks becoming permanent,” the letter reads.

Even the World Health Organization announced that lockdowns were a bad idea in combating the virus.

Other physicians have also warned that deaths of despair are on the rise, mental health is plummeting, and other dangerous maladies are going ignored as a result of hyper-focus on COVID.

The letter continued:

“After the initial justifiable response to Covid-19, the evidence base now shows a different picture. The problem of functional false positive rates has still not been addressed and particularly in the context of low prevalence of disease whereby false positives are likely to exceed true positives substantially and moreover correlate poorly with the person being infectious.”

The panic over the number of cases is disconnected from the actual virality of those testing positive.

False positives and mild or nonexistent symptoms are not great causes for panic.

The science isn’t even entirely clear on asymptomatic spreading.

The letter also said says:

“Alongside this we have the issue that it is normal to see an increase in illness and deaths during the winter months. It is notable that [the] UK death rate is currently sitting around average for this time of year. The use of the term ‘second wave’ is therefore misleading.”

The death rate is not out of step with the number of deaths during flu season in a given year, but there’s heightened sensitivity around COVID.

There’s a normalcy bias around flu deaths, but COVID deaths are sensationalized as unique scares.

The letter concluded:

“We have the knowledge to enable a policy that protects the elderly and vulnerable without increasing all other health and economic harms and which is not at the expense our whole way of life and particularly that of the nation’s children.”

The signatories to the letter are essentially arguing for the Swedish model for combating the virus.

Sweden did not lockdown and are not seeing a second wave in cases.

White House adviser Dr. Scott Atlas has been making these points for a while, but he’s either been censored, ignored, or deemed a kook by the corporate press despite his sterling credentials.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci has banged the drum from more lockdowns despite the mounting evidence against that policy prescription.

Fauci went as far as to say that the Trump administration is ill-prepared to handle the flu season even though a virus vaccine is right around the corner.

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