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A New Study Gave A Chilling Prediction About The Coronavirus

A New Study Gave A Chilling Prediction About The Coronavirus


The Wuhan virus continues to dominate the attention of health officials across the globe.

Many world governments are contending with the decision to keep lockdown procedures in place.

But a new study gave a chilling prediction about the coronavirus.

There are now just under 4.2 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus worldwide, and over 285,000 people have lost their lives.

These are grim numbers, but a new study reached an unsettling conclusion that could be even more concerning.

Data analysts in South Africa have predicted that economic lockdowns could be 29 times deadlier than the coronavirus itself.

According to the Financial Mail, “The model…includes four actuaries, an economist and a doctor, while the work was checked by lawyers and mathematicians…In SA, they estimate that 5.4 years of life have been lost per Covid-19 death. They then multiply this by the range of deaths which they predict – 20,000 – as well as the actuarial society’s prediction of 88,000 fatalities…They factor in that the lockdown will have reduced some deaths, but not all. In the end, their model translated into a minimum of 26,800 “years of lives lost” due to Covid-19, and a maximum of 473,500 years.”

While the calculation doesn’t directly predict deaths, the actuarial data depicts a significant amount of years lost due to the virus.

The study also showed that 3-7 million South Africans would lose their jobs, and 10% of people would descend into grinding poverty, taking more time off their lives.

While the study was modeled on South African numbers, the theory holds for populations in western countries.

U.S. researchers have also noted the human cost of the economic shutdown, including the expected spike in deaths of despair.

This was an unfortunate phenomenon during the Great Recession of 2008, and it will likely happen again as a result of the coronavirus.

However, some big-government politicians are going to absurd lengths to keep their jurisdictions locked down.

These same politicians want to keep cities and states locked down until a vaccine or an effective treatment is discovered, which could take 12 months, 18 months, or not happen at all.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that bad actors are literally sabotaging research efforts to find a vaccine.

It’s time for governments to ease lockdowns.

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Free markets, ingenuity, and productivity are the tools that have lifted the standard of living for everyone around the world.

Global poverty has been slashed in half since the 1980s.

However, shutting down the world economy for too long can reverse significant gains.

The United Nations warned that over 100 million people could starve if the economy continues to be disrupted.

As more evidence becomes available, it appears that the elderly are overwhelming the group that’s at risk from the Wuhan virus.

People at risk should be isolated in order to lower their chances of infection, but you and healthy people have to get back to work.

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