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New Research Shows That You Had Better Get Your SHTF S*&# Together Now

New Research Shows That You Had Better Get Your SHTF S*&# Together Now

Have your family and neighbors been laughing at you behind your back about being a prepper? Do they think you’re crazy for wanting to be prepared for a worst case scenario? If so, then you might have the last laugh (though you may not want to because it’s so tragic):

A research report released by real estate research firm Realty Trac on August 28, 2015 says that “43 percent of American homes are at ‘high risk or very high risk’ of being struck by a natural disaster.”

Think about that. 43% will likely suffer a natural disaster. Then add in the possibilities of Baltimore-style riots, or risk of terrorism that could hit American soil and it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that maybe you should get prepared for the possibility that the worst could happen.

So, you had better get your water purification system ready and your stored food ready. Unfortunately, you may have to use it.

What do you think: Is RealtyTrac right or are we getting uptight about nothing? Comment below.



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