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The New Government Weapons That Pose A Threat To People’s Freedom

The New Government Weapons That Pose A Threat To People’s Freedom

Government Weapons

Rapid technological advances can be scary.

They can be even more terrifying when the advances are used by world governments to create weapons.

Here are some new and emerging weapons that pose a threat to everyday citizens.

The American ideal of freedom from government tyranny was a novel concept.

Prior to America, the paradigm for almost all of civilization was top-down government control.

Fearmongering big-government politicians have slowly chipped away at American freedom, while governments in other countries are moving at much faster speeds.

The default position of the government is to control the citizenry, and emerging technologies could make it much easier for them to do so.

Here are some examples of new weapons that pose a threat to the people.

Chinese laser gun

Recently, China announced that it has developed a “laser AK-47” that has an invisible beam, can pass through glass, and burn clothing and skin.

Scientists are skeptical about the claims because the laser frequency required is difficult to achieve, and the Geneva Convention banned testing of such harmful lasers, specifically ones that have the capacity to blind people.

However, China is a communist state that has no compunction about breaking rules and quashing human freedom.

Even if China’s claims of the laser AK are false, you bet they’re absolutely working on perfecting it right now.

Infrared lasers can already light matches (though they’re harmless to human skin), so the Chinese may not be far off.

As batteries get smaller and more potent, some of the physical barriers to creating such a weapon will fall away.

Nano Brain Implant

If this seems like a black-helicopter conspiracy, think again.

Nano brain implants are already being used in medical testing for the purposes of chemotherapy.

That means if brain implants are being used to deliver one kind of drug, they can be used to deliver other drugs.

Mind-altering drugs could literally be administered at nanoscopic level.

Authoritarian governments would do anything to get their hands on a weapon that could literally control the minds of their citizens.


The old Soviet Union (and other countries) had allegedly been working on bioweapons that could adversely affect populations with specific genetic markers.

Supposedly, countries have not stopped working on the technology and with advancements in DNA testing, gene editing, and other biological advancements, a bomb that could “ethnically cleanse” an entire population might become a scary reality.


Nano-satellites are a threat posed by governments as well as bad actors with money, such as terrorist groups.

In the past, sending a nano-satellite into orbit would’ve cost $60 million, but the market has seen the price tag drop to $5 million.

Nano-satellites aren’t only used for surveillance, they could also be used to disrupt private communications.

And their tiny size makes them much more difficult to track.

These are just a few of the weapons that could be used against the masses.

While technology has delivered amazing breakthroughs, malicious figures can use it for ill.

It’s important to remain vigilant, because there are always people who detest the concept of freedom.

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