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Natural Ways To Fight Colds This Winter

Natural Ways To Fight Colds This Winter

One of the things that can be easy to forget as you are prepping is that one of the dangers of a survival situation is the potential for a lack of supplies of all kinds. Whether the survival threat is due to a natural disaster or an EMP attack or due to martial law by an oppressive regime in office, supplies often become scarce during these difficult situations.

Of course, when people think about the limited supplies, they immediately think of food and water. This is completely understandable because, without food and water, in a short amount of time, none of your other supplies will matter. But, assuming that you have food and water, taken care of, you’ll want to consider other supplies such as medical supplies. And, yes, you’ll still want to take care of that cold that comes on every winter.

Fortunately, there are natural ways to fight colds which may be the way that you want to go because pharmaceutical medical treatments may be one of the supply types that are hard to come by. One of the best natural ways to fight colds is using essential oils, which, fortunately, often have other beneficial uses.

One of the most versatile essential oils that you can use to fight colds is tea tree oil. A writer going by Jessica W writes,

Tea tree oil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, making it an important part of many preventative measures. The frequent cleaning of door handles and light switches alone with a cleaning solution that includes tea tree oil will greatly reduce the possibility of spreading germs to others. Tea tree oil used in a diffuser will combat pollutants in the air, while topical applications will reduce cold symptoms by relieving congestion.

Of course, a number of other oils are excellent for fighting off sickness, too. For example, lemon oil, which is an excellent cleaner and works well for cutting through grease when cleaning pots and pans, also increases production of white blood cells in the body which, of course, helps the body to overcome sickness more quickly. And there is that wonderful lemon scent to have around your house, too.

A third oil worth considering using is peppermint oil. The scent of this oil (which many people like) can work very well to open up sinuses to make breathing easier. One word of warning with peppermint: be careful about the concentration of this oil which you place on your skin, as this oil is considered a “hot” oil which means, when talking about essential oils, that it gives the feeling of heat on the places where it is applied to the skin. Too much of this oil at one time can give a burning sensation which may be comfortable in small amounts (and can help ease muscle pain) but can be painful if too strong.

Jessica W also notes that cinnamon and clove oils can be helpful for fighting colds and that many people will combine these two oils with additional oils to create blends for combined and increased effectiveness.

So, as you consider ways to prepare, you may be wise to look for natural alternatives to the pharmaceuticals which you are currently using, and, for many people, these solutions come in the form of essential oils.

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