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One National Crisis Is Affecting Our Democracy Worse Than People Imagined

One National Crisis Is Affecting Our Democracy Worse Than People Imagined

Voter Fraud

There are several threats to the United States that can’t be ignored.

Some of those threats have unintended consequences that will cause even bigger problems.

And one national crisis is affecting our democracy worse than people imagined.

The integrity of our elections is at stake.

In 2018, Democrats mysteriously flipped several congressional districts weeks after Election Day had passed.

Investigating journalists at polling stations uncovered electioneering and encouraging illegal aliens to vote.

Some cities in deep blue states like California now have more registered voters than actual citizens in the state.

And one Democrat volunteer was prosecuted for actively registering dead people.

Despite these blatant attempts to undermine democracy, the Democrats are projecting by blaming the Republicans.

But the Democrats are using another tactic that’s an even bigger threat.

Democrats are fighting to stop Donald Trump from putting a citizenship question on the U.S. census.

Population determines how congressional districts are apportioned, so illegal aliens in sanctuary cities and states who don’t even vote still help the Democrats because they’re counted in the census.

So blue areas with heavy illegal alien populations get more representation.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, both legal and illegal immigrants—including minor children born in the states—will cause 26 seats in the House of Representatives to be redistricted.

Of the 26 seats, 24 will be lost from states where Donald Trump won.

California will receive 11 more seats, meaning they’ll receive 11 more electors in the electoral college.

Illegal immigration has caused Virginia to flip blue entirely, and Texas is trending purple.

On the current trajectory, the electoral math could be devastating for people who believe in individual rights.

One of the first things to go is gun rights, which has become a battleground issue in Virginia as a result of the state house and legislature going blue.

Not only are globalist politicians encouraging more illegal immigration, they’re holding up funding for border security in order to make the problem worse.

Resources for facilities are completely strained, and border enforcement has become more difficult than ever.

And with a rise in sanctuary cities and even states, law enforcement’s hands are tied.

Rogue mayors are actually working against U.S. citizens for the benefit of illegal aliens.

Globalist politicians need waves of illegal immigration to push their agenda.

Immigrants and their U.S.-born children vote Democrat 80% of the time, but that number tends to even out over the generations as they assimilate.

That’s why they need more and more new voters who will vote for big-government policies.

Even worse, globalist politicians are telling immigrants that America is a terrible place and they shouldn’t assimilate to American culture and values.

This is a recipe for disaster.

But disaster is precisely the goal.

These reasons are why it’s important to have strong border security—so the American people can decide how they want the country governed.

Illegal immigration is one issue where the people keep voting against it, yet keep getting more of it.

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