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One MSNBC Lie Just Blew Up In The Network’s Face

One MSNBC Lie Just Blew Up In The Network’s Face


The so-called mainstream media are spreading fake news fast and furious.

It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the bad and misleading reporting in favor of the Democratic agenda.

But one MSNBC lie just blew up in the network’s face.

The Wuhan virus has been a complete disaster for the world economy.

The impact on the United States alone has been devastating.

Roughly 40 million Americans have been thrown into unemployment and thousands of small businesses are gone forever.

Making matters worse are the people who are invested in keeping the coronavirus lockdowns going indefinitely.

Petty tyrants, epidemiologists addicted to the spotlight, and leftists who want to damage Donald Trump by exacerbating the pandemic have joined forces to make the coronavirus appear as bad as possible at all times.

What began as a brief lockdown to “flatten the curve” and ensure the healthcare system doesn’t get overwhelmed has morphed into the beginning chapters of a dystopian novel.

Constitutional rights are being trampled daily, all in the name of “safety”.

Top epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci has fear-mongered over the virus for months by spreading panic and dread.

But he’s also contradicted himself many times, bringing his motives and projections into doubt.

With Trump no longer able to tout a strong economy—employment is increasing faster than expected, but many states are still heavily locked down—Democrats are all too eager to shut down the economy at least until after the November election.

The Democrats and their media allies are perpetuating the fear by pumping daily stories of anguish and misery.

And MSNBC got caught in the motherlode of lies.

NBC and its cable news affiliate have been chronicling the story of network medical and science contributor, Joseph Fair.

Fair has been convalescing in the hospital as a result of a nasty bout with the coronavirus.

He’s appeared on several NBC and MSNBC shows, detailing his harrowing experience.

There’s just one problem: Fair does not have, nor ever has had the coronavirus.

Fair has tested negative for the coronavirus at least five times.

Fair made 38 appearances on the platforms, but nobody seemed interested in finding out if he even had the virus.

Independent conservative Steve Krakauer, a former correspondent for CNN, has tracked the Fair story for months.

His research discovered that Fair has a history of embellishment.

Fair claims to have had Ebola and received last rites from a Catholic priest, he also claimed that his fake-coronavirus case was the worst he’d ever felt.

It sounds like Fair has a little bit of Munchausen Syndrome, not the coronavirus.

Sadly, reporters faking the severity of the illness during the pandemic is not unique.

CNN host Chris Cuomo got caught breaking his self-prescribed quarantine to look at the lot for his second home in the Hamptons.

The corporate press is broken and episodes like these are precisely why.

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