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Medical Researchers Have Some Amazing News About The Coronavirus

Medical Researchers Have Some Amazing News About The Coronavirus


The Wuhan virus has caused massive turmoil across the globe.

Health officials struggle for answers in an attempt to return to normalcy.

And medical researchers have some amazing news about the coronavirus.

The Wuhan coronavirus has now been confirmed in 3.75 million cases worldwide and 263,000 people have lost their lives. In America, the number of cases has reached 1.26 million cases with a death toll of 74,000.

The pandemic has also taken trillions of dollars out of the world economy.

Unemployment is through the roof, supply chains have been disrupted, businesses are going under permanently, and leisure activists like sporting events, movies, and concerts have been suspended.

People will not accept this as the new normal.

Thankfully, they may not have to face that decision because medical researchers have made a potential breakthrough regarding the coronavirus.

Pharmaceutical behemoth Pfizer has partnered with German company BionTech to produce a coronavirus vaccine and have just begun the human trial phase.

According to a New York Times report, “The drug companies plan to test the vaccine on 360 healthy volunteers for the first stage of the study, adding up to 8,000 volunteers by the end of the second stage.”

Donald Trump launched an initiative called Operation Warp Speed with the purpose of quickly creating an effective coronavirus treatment.

Operation Warp Speed essentially speeds up the regulatory process by removing as many barriers as possible for researchers while also maintaining proper safety protocols.

If the work by Pfizer and BionTech proves to be fruitful, Trump’s prediction of an effective vaccine by year’s end could come true.

With fears of a secondary spike looming, an effective vaccine would be a literal lifesaver.

That’s why Pfizer is hoping to roll out the vaccine by September.

Pfizer’s chief scientific officer Dr. Mikael Dolsten said, “If we get hit with a second wave of coronavirus infections in October at the same time as the flu, things will be much worse than what we’ve already experienced.”

It’s critical that America’s economy opens up as quickly and safely as possible before irreparable damage is done.

The United Nations said that over 100 million people are at risk of starvation due to the disruption of the food supply.

Even American companies are rationing meat due to foot shortages.

People are standing in line for hours at food banks, and the supply of essential items like rubbing alcohol has been damaged.

Some have argued that the country should stay locked down for years if need be, which is truly insane.

The development of a vaccine would be a game-changer and would take away ammunition from the big-government proponents who want some form of socialism.

These people want as many people as possible on the government dole.

Americans have gotten a small taste of what life is like in Venezuela.

Our country needs an effective vaccine as soon as possible.

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