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One Mayor Is Instituting A Terrifying Coronavirus Policy

One Mayor Is Instituting A Terrifying Coronavirus Policy

Bill de Blasio

The Wuhan virus has been used by petty tyrants to abuse their power.

Democrat governors and mayors have gone to unbelievable lengths to infringe on the rights of their citizens.

And one mayor is instituting a terrifying coronavirus policy.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is in a dead heat with Lori Lightfoot, Ted Wheeler, and Jenny Durkan for the title of worst mayor in America.

Lightfoot, Wheeler, and Durkan have turned Chicago, Portland, and Seattle into war zones respectively, but de Blasio might actually have all of them beat.

Not only is crime up in New York, but de Blasio is arrogantly chasing off his tax base by cracking down on law-abiding citizens.

While Governor Andrew Cuomo has tried to woo rich New Yorkers to come back after fleeing the chaos, de Blasio said good riddance and called them “fair weather friends.”

De Blasio’s transformation into a cartoonish movie villain is complete now that he’s setting up checkpoints around the city to hunt for people coming from other states.

After handling the coronavirus worse than every state except for New Jersey (per population density), New York is threatening $10,000 fines for out-of-towners who don’t submit to contact tracing and isolation.

De Blasio said:

“We’ve got 35 states now that have dangerously high infection rates. There’s a lot to be concerned about. What we need to do is do everything that we have learned to do in New York City and do that right, do that consistently, but also we have to focus on people coming in from outside New York City.”

This is ironic because Cuomo threatened to sue Rhode Island for going door to door in search of New Yorkers who left the state.

De Blasio continued:

“This is serious stuff, and it’s time for everyone to realize it…If we’re gonna hold at this level of health and safety in this city and get better, we have to deal with the fact that the quarantine must be applied consistently to anyone who’s travelled. So this checkpoint effort is going to be a new, important piece of that.”

What de Blasio fails to mention is that New York “defeated” the virus by allowing all the elderly people in nursing homes to die.

This is just the latest power grab by a Democrat who is exploiting the virus for power.

The corporate press enables this type of disturbing behavior with lies about the virus.

Eventually, the truth about the virus will be too big to obscure.

In the meantime, the burden falls on citizens to push back against the unconstitutional measures.

It’s no wonder New Yorkers are fleeing in droves with no immediate plans to come back.

The city is rapidly becoming less safe, homelessness is spreading, businesses are shut down, and schools are closed.

Now most certainly is not the time for a big-government crackdown.

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