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Mass Migration is Creating One Deadly Consequence That Threatens America

Mass Migration is Creating One Deadly Consequence That Threatens America

Unfettered immigration can be very destabilizing to a country.

Europe has discovered that in recent years due to mass waves from the Middle East.

But that flood of people into the continent has had a dangerous consequence that could come to the United States.

Sara Karlsson Söbirk, an infectious diseases doctor in Sweden, sounded the alarm when she said that instances of a deadly illness have doubled since 2015.

Leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease caused by the bite of sandflies, results in skin ulcers, fever, and sometimes death.

In 2015, the disease killed approximately 24,000 worldwide.

Leishmaniasis is mostly found in the Middle East and Africa, but Sweden has seen an uptick since the mass migration crisis of 2015.

That crisis began when the globalist leaders of Europe decided for their citizens that they would be responsible for taking in millions in a recklessly short amount of time.

Dr. Söbrick said, “We have in a collaboration with the Public Health Authority looked at the number of cases between 1993-2016 and see a peak of 35 cases in 2016, probably a direct consequence of the large refugee wave the year before, when most people are sick from Syria and Afghanistan.”

The parasites can live in the body for years without causing symptoms, only to take effect once the host’s immune system is compromised enough.

Of the various forms of the disease, visceral Leishmaniasis is the most dangerous, as it directly attacks the internal organs.

This is one of the many problems that can result from unchecked immigration in a short amount of time.

When immigration is done properly, immigrants are assimilated into their new country.

However, that can’t happen when millions swarm into the country at once when there aren’t resources or jobs for them.

Also, there’s the culture shock, which is exacerbated by leftists who push the notion of multiculturalism.

Instead of telling immigrants they should adapt to the culture of their host nation, leftists tell immigrants that western culture is evil and immoral, and it should be toppled.

In fact, these leftists are actively telling immigrants not to learn the language of their host country and not to assimilate.

This is the same thing that’s happening in America, and leftists are pushing to bring in more immigrants and refugees.

These are the same leftists who don’t want Donald Trump to pull American troops out of Afghanistan and Syria.

As usual, these liberal positions are incoherent.

Waves of illegal immigration to the United States have brought increased threats of infectious disease.

ICE quarantined over 2,000 illegal aliens in detention for a mumps outbreak, and other previously-eradicated diseases are rebounding.

However, globalists don’t care about these concerns.

They won’t even let the UK leave the European Union despite the will of the people.

Issues like these are why it’s more important than ever to be prepared for a disaster.

A major pandemic could break out at any time, and too many in government don’t seem to care.

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