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How Man’s Best Friend Will Save Your Life in an Emergency

How Man’s Best Friend Will Save Your Life in an Emergency


Dogs often feel like a part of the family.

However, it can be easy for some to forget about them in emergency scenarios.

But here’s how man’s best friend can be invaluable in a disaster situation.

As beloved as pets may be, sometimes people have to make the difficult decision to leave them behind in the face of a disaster.

However, it can be incredibly beneficial to make space in your prepper lifestyle for a dog.

Not only will dogs provide companionship and emotional support in a difficult time, but they can also serve practical purposes if properly trained.

First, dogs can fill the role of protector for you and your family.

Not only can they help you detect threats, but they can also be trained to engage attackers, and stop on command.

A good guard dog will be particularly useful at night with limited visibility.

He or she can be your first line of defense and alert if intruders are on the prowl.

And if you’re homesteading and raising livestock, a dog to protect the animals becomes essential.

Animal predators like wolves and coyotes can do significant damage if unchecked.

Next, trained dogs can be beneficial in aiding search and rescue missions.

A smart dog breed with a good nose can help you track down loved ones, even in inclement weather.

During an emergency scenario, searching for a missing person can be incredibly challenging so having a dog adept at it can literally be a lifesaver.

Also, a dog can help you carry gear, especially if you’re traveling over rough terrain.

The more important items you can bring along, the better chance of survival you have in a disaster scenario.

Some preppers even buy bug-out bags specifically tailored to their dogs.

Next, dogs can also help you hunt.

Different breeds of dogs are optimal for different kinds of prey, so if you’re interested in a hunting dog, it’s best to consider the terrain.

In a true SHTF situation, hunting will become essential, so having a dog adept at hunting is a very reasonable consideration.

There isn’t one dog breed that’s particularly excellent at all of these tasks, so it will become necessary to determine which skills are most important, and look for a dog to fill that void.

Also, make sure you’re taking proper care of your dog, so he or she can take proper care of you.

Incorporate supplies for your dog into your prepping regimen.

Don’t forget to have food, water, and blankets for your dog.

And have toys for your dog so he doesn’t go stir crazy.

It also may not be a bad idea to have a glow-in-the-dark collar for your dog, because if there is a monumental disaster, it will be very easy for your dog to get lost in the chaos.

Dogs become part of the family, and with good reason.

They are naturally complementary to man’s needs, and they boost morale in dour times.

So make sure you’re prepping as if your dog is truly a part of the family.

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