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One Major City Could Be On The Brink Of Complete Chaos

One Major City Could Be On The Brink Of Complete Chaos

New York City

Liberal policies continue to fail over and over again.

Despite the failure rate, liberal legislators and executives continue to show unwavering support for them.

Now one major metropolis could be on the brink of civil unrest due to bad liberal leadership.

New York City has experienced severe ups and downs with regard to crime.

In the 1970s, the Big Apple plunged into despair and saw high crime rates that extended into the 1990s.

Under the leadership of Democratic mayors like John Lindsay, Ed Koch, and David Dinkins, New York became very dangerous and unsafe.

Assaults and muggings were commonplace, particularly in subways and parks.

It wasn’t unusual for people to run between home and work to avoid muggers.

The main cause for the violence was soft-on-crime policies that left violent offenders to run the streets.

Many thought New York was ungovernable, then Rudy Giuliani came to power and cleaned up the streets by being firm on crime.

However, Bill de Blasio, the communist mayor of New York, is beginning to unravel the successes of Giuliani.

And if communist seems too harsh a word, remember, de Blasio’s parents were—at minimum—communist sympathizers, and de Blasio holds the same values.

In the 1980s, de Blasio toured the Soviet Union and communist Nicaragua.

In a recent interview with New York Magazine, de Blasio said if he had his druthers, he’d do away with property rights.

And in a campaign stop in Miami, de Blasio quoted murderous communist Che Guevara, not knowing that Cuban expats in south Florida loathe Fidel Castro and his cohorts – go figure.

De Blasio and his far-left agenda have always been at odds with the police.

Officers turned their backs on de Blasio during cop funerals in 2014 and 2017 due to his lack of support.

And now de Blasio has seemingly issued stand-down orders to his officers in tense situations.

The result is officers being doused with water and pelted with water buckets:

The same thing happened to other officers in the city:

These acts are disgusting.

By any definition, this is assault.

But the officers are forced to stand down and take it with de Blasio at the helm.

If this type of behavior is allowed to go on, tensions will inevitably escalate.

The fact that people feel emboldened to dump water on police and throw buckets at them shows a level of lawlessness and disrespect that hasn’t been seen in the city for a long time.

If you allow criminals to operate with impunity, they will commit crimes.

And it’s starting to show in the data, too.

While the crime rate in New York City is down, murder and rape rates are alarmingly up.

Even though crime is down 8% city-wide (likely due to the underreporting of lower felonies and misdemeanors such as throwing buckets at people), murder is up 37% and rape is up 19%.

When you let small crimes go unpunished, big crimes become more common.

With de Blasio and people of his ilk in charge, the problem is only going to get worse.

Unless the trend reverses itself, New York could eventually find itself back in the crime-ridden landscape of the ‘70s and ‘80s.

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