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Looters Made One Shocking Threat To A Store Owner

Looters Made One Shocking Threat To A Store Owner


Cities across America have become increasingly dangerous.

Civil unrest in the country is the worst it’s been in decades.

Now looters made one shocking threat to a store owner.

The horrific murder of George Floyd has been used by the radical left to create chaos across the country.

Terrorist agitators have riled up criminal opportunists in various communities across the country to commit acts of violence.

Rioting and looting has sadly become commonplace over the past few weeks.

Even worse, the so-called mainstream media is providing cover for the people destroying property and even killing people.

And one small business owner in Cleveland, Ohio appeared on Fox News to detail the horrific thing that happened to her business.

Kelly Kandah, owner of Colossal Cupcakes, said during an interview with Ainsley Earhardt that looters threatened to hit her store again because she had the audacity to call the police.

Kandah said someone approached her and warned, “‘When the store rebuilds, when you rebuild this, I’m going to come back and destroy it again and you.’ He kept walking and was gone.”

This is undoubtedly a form of terrorism – using violence and intimidation to reach political goals.

The radical left doesn’t believe in property rights, so the concept of defending private property is a form of evil in their book.

As Kandah said in her interview, “[I]t’s upsetting people that I would involve the police of something such as property.”

Not only is this insane, it’s one of the core tenets of leftists.

Socialism requires that property rights be abolished, so private businesses like this cupcake shop have no legitimate claim.

Lost in this lunacy is the emotional scars that Kandah and her staff now have to carry.

They were inside the store as violent riots spiraled out of control.

Kandah said, “[We] had to lock ourselves in the bathroom while my store was completely destroyed and ransacked.”

One of the most frustrating aspects of the rioting and looting is that many local politicians are sitting on their hands while radicals and activists run roughshod over their cities.

Almost without fail, these are the same local politicians who instituted strict lockdown procedures due to the Wuhan virus.

For example, Jenny Durkan, the mayor of Seattle, let radicals takeover six downtown city blocks and glibly commented that her city could be in store for a “Summer of Love.”

Conversely, a member of the Seattle Police Department was suspended for speaking out against the draconian lockdown orders.

This is proof that the great crime under leftist rule is disobeying the orders from the person in charge.

Rioting, looting, and land seizures are all okay.

However, opening up a hair salon could get someone thrown in the gulag.

It’s baffling how city officials go out of their way to excuse criminals while alienating their law-abiding residents.

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