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One Looming Crisis Is Turning More People Into Preppers

One Looming Crisis Is Turning More People Into Preppers

Financial Crisis

The amount of people who prep is on the rise.

The realities of the world have caused more Americans to get serious about planning for potential disasters.

And one looming threat is turning even more people into preppers.

More people have turned to prepping because of fears over the looming financial crisis and the burden of crippling debt.

Fears over the economy collapsing are causing more people to prepare for a crash.

There are several indicators that suggest a market crash is coming within the next 18 to 24 months.

Donald Trump’s economic policy has staved off a crash that was predicted to happen three years ago.

But bad economic and monetary policy from past administrations will soon catch up to us.

Many people are trying to get ahead of this by preparing for potential job loss as the economy contracts.

Novice preppers are stocking up on supplies, stashing away emergency funds, and looking for secondary income streams.

These are all hallmarks of prepping that are spreading to people outside the lifestyle.

Personal and governmental debt also play a role.

According to a survey from Bankrate, 60% of Americans are not prepared to deal with a $1,000 emergency.

This is the case because Americans have been discouraged from saving due to bad monetary policy.

After the 2008 crash, instead of letting the economy heal, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to virtually zero in an attempt to get people spending.

This was a radical shift in the psyche of Americans.

The ethos of the American dream was about keeping what you earn and saving.

But 0.1% interest rates make it impossible to build wealth through conventional banking.

The push toward spending and borrowing only enabled a wheezing economy during the Obama years.

People are now beginning to realize they were sold a bill of goods and need to get serious about preparation.

Soul-crushing debt has caused many younger people to delay marriage and homeownership.

Government debt is just as troubling.

In just eight years, Barack Obama doubled the national debt, and Republicans in Congress haven’t made a strong push to reverse the trend.

The U.S. has over $20 trillion in debt – and eventually, that bill will come due. When it does, Americans are going to feel a lot of pain.

Unemployment will increase and entitlement programs will either completely bust or be scaled back significantly.

People near retirement are going to see their pensions slashed.

This inevitable reality is setting in for a lot of people, and they’re beginning to embrace prepping.

Self-sufficiency, savings, and backup revenue are great ways to fight the chaos caused by a financial crisis.

The more people get serious about prepping, perhaps the more serious they’ll be about holding their local congressmen to a standard of fiscal responsibility.

Congress will keep spending our money and mortgaging our future until we say enough is enough.

Several municipalities have already filed bankruptcy and defaulted on public pensions.

Don’t be surprised when that begins to happen on a widespread scale.

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