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The One Life-Saving Thing You Should Consider For Your Home Defense

The One Life-Saving Thing You Should Consider For Your Home Defense

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There aren’t many things more important than feeling safe in your own home.

It can be incredibly stressful to feel you’re in danger in your own sanctuary.

Here’s one potentially life-saving thing you should consider as part of your home defense.

The Department of Justice reports that there are roughly 3.7 million home invasions every year, and over 1 million of them occur when someone is at home.

And during these terrifying crimes, 38% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur.

Most home burglaries happen during the day when criminals expect people to be at work, but as the numbers suggest, many still happen when someone is home and the consequences can be devastating.

That’s why it’s critical to be vigilant about home defense.

You should definitely take the time to arm yourself and learn proper techniques, but more importantly, the goal should be to evade intruders altogether.

That’s why you should consider designing a secret room for your home.

A secret room carries many advantages. First, it can be used as a panic room for you and your family to hide during an invasion.

From there, you can safely alert the police.

If your secret room is well hidden, intruders may not even know you’re home.

Avoiding a confrontation ensures that you and your family will survive the encounter, which is obviously the primary goal.

Also, a secret room is a great way to store supplies.

In the face of a disaster, resources could become scarce and thieves could become desperate whether you’re home or not.

Hiding vital supplies in a secret room ensures that your stock won’t be completely depleted.

And during emergencies like a natural disaster, government organizations like FEMA have the right to ration your supplies.

That could lead to all sorts of problems.

If you’re thinking about building a secret room, there are a few good options.

If you have a secret entrance inside a closet behind a mess of clothes and boxes, it will be very difficult to locate for an intruder.

The attic is another place that could make for a secret room.

If you put up a drywall, you could trick an intruder into thinking there’s nothing but boxes inside.

A basement is another good option for a secret room.

Obscuring the entrance would make a basement an ideal place for your goals.

Another thing to consider for your secret room is having alternative access to an entrance or exit.

A secret room may not only be a good place to hide, it could be a good place to escape outside and get to safety.

Another thing to consider for your secret room is access to calling for help.

Make sure your secret room gets cell phone reception, or even have a hard line that could be used to call for help.

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