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Liberals Are Targeting Banks In A Way That Could Trigger A Financial Crisis

Liberals Are Targeting Banks In A Way That Could Trigger A Financial Crisis


Liberals’ masks are slipping, and they’re revealing themselves to be totalitarians.

Nothing is safe from the clutches of the left.

Now liberals are targeting banks in a way that could bring about financial disaster.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.”

Of all of Reagan’s pithy quotes, this one might be the most apt for the political moment we’re facing right now.

Liberals have moved wildly to the left and they’re attempting to drag the rest of the country along with them by any means necessary.

One of the tactics they use comes from an essay written by Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse called “Repressive Tolerance.”

Marcuse essentially argued there should be no tolerance for the “intolerant.”

Therefore, liberals get to determine who’s intolerant, then their liberal rules of tolerance no longer apply.

That’s why liberals feel justified in tamping down the free speech of their political opponents.

The latest tactic they’re using is a form of political napalm.

Liberals are now pressuring banks not to do business with conservatives, or anyone who opposes their far-left agenda.

They’ve bullied Chase and Bank of America into no longer doing business with companies that provide facilities and resources to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP).

These unhinged liberals are trying to demonize U.S. employees for following the law.

Meanwhile, the Democrats in Congress won’t lift a finger to actually change the broken immigration system.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer even admitted that he preferred to keep the focus on Trump instead of actually pushing forward legislation to address the issue.

While the Democrats in Congress are playing a deeply cynical and immoral game, the crisis at the border rages on.

Border crossings reached record highs in May, prompting Donald Trump to threaten Mexico with tariffs in order to get them to aid in the crisis.

Mexico has since complied, but far-left activist groups are more determined than ever to keep the flow of illegal immigration coming.

Pressure being applied to banks like Chase and Bank of America is only the beginning.

We’ve already seen prominent conservatives have their personal bank accounts closed with absolutely no warning.

Others are being banned from ancillary financial services like PayPal.

Islamic terrorism critic Robert Spencer was banned from the online fundraising site Patreon because liberals complained to MasterCard, and they threatened to pull their support from Patreon if he wasn’t booted.

These are the games the left plays.

This left-wing corporate activism has caused a stock drop for the companies, and the long-term effect is a parallel economy.

That would be a disaster for the country, because it will only get worse.

Soon, political affiliation will determine if you can open a bank account or eat at a restaurant.

These liberal tactics are openly fascist, and there’s no end in sight.

They won’t be happy until all conservatives are chased out of the public square.

Liberals are intentionally trying to split the country in half and weaken it in the process.

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