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Liberal Politician Wants To Make Bullets More Dangerous

Liberal Politician Wants To Make Bullets More Dangerous

Regardless of your political stance on guns and gun control, one thing that we can agree on is that bullets shot from a gun are dangerous, that they damage property and hurt people. No surprise there, but it’s a surprise when a Congressional Democrat, a group that keeps talking about wanting to reduce the number of gun injuries and deaths, proposes something that would actually make it more likely that someone will be injured by a gun shot.

Representative Michael “Mike” Honda, D-California, introduced a bill called the “Responsible Body Armor Possession Act.” This awkwardly-named piece of legislation seeks to ban personal ownership of body armor.

That’s right, Representative Honda actually wants to make it more likely that you will get injured if, God forbid, you get shot.

A Congressional Research Service writes,

“Amends the federal criminal code to prohibit the purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor, except: (1) by or under the authority of the United States or any state or political subdivision, or (2) enhanced body armor that was lawfully possessed before the effective date of this Act.

Defines “enhanced body armor” to mean body armor, including a helmet or shield, the ballistic resistance of which meets or exceeds the ballistic performance of Type III armor, determined using National Institute of Justice Standard-0101.06.”

You may ask what in the world caused a politician who is likely an anti-gunner to take away safety precautions from people who want to survive if an active shooter situation occurs near them (I certainly wondered about this). The answer? To allow police officers to “respond faster” to active shooter situations.

So, let’s get this straight: anti gunners want to ban guns to prevent active shooter situations while simultaneously wanting to ban personal ownership of body armor to protect against active shooters so that law enforcement can more quickly shoot an active shooter. Am I covering it all there?

This sounds to me suspiciously like a prescription for the government to be the only group America that can defend against getting shot or that can shoot you.

Sounds like they’re setting us all up to be sitting ducks.

What do you think about this crazy plan that will make bullets more lethal? Tell us below.

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  • What moron would pick a photo for an illustration showing an entire cartridge flying through the air?

  • Those marks as thieves on the left and partially on the right that hide behind it are will do anything say anything to disarm you not for your safety of course but for their safety as they promote their most evil political agenda on the people that they work for that being the American people. God bless America and down with the Marxist Communist elites. Oh by the way Lotsa luck with coming after the guns as we all know what history shows what happens when you have a government disarm you as you oh by the way Lotsa luck with come in after the guns as we all know what history shows what happens when you have a government disarm you as though I got the last century we just came out of all the governments to disarm there people for their safety after your storming those folks they murder 200 million of their own people. This disarmament is all about their one world order in the things they want to take away from we the people like our property that meaning the land they want to take your 401(k) away from you and they want to limit your speech so you can’t speak out against them, and the littney goes on, is this what you want to America. I believe they’re wanting a Civil War but if that’s what they want people were going to come after them and no one’s going to help them because even the civil servants that being the agents or tired of getting dumped on by these pieces of shit they think their above everybody.

  • Especially when the story is not even about ammunition – the ammunition is no more dangerous than it was before. Next I will not be ale to purchase bullet proof glass, or armor plating for my car.
    Why would they expect an ‘active shooter’ to obey the law and not use body armor?

  • That has got to be the most embarrassing misuse of a graphic I have ever seen!! Buying plenty of panels….

  • You just got to love the stupidity of California leaders. If you have IQ of 50 or less you will be elected there.

  • Democrats are certifiably ignorant of facts and Mike Honda leads the pack by being plain stupid. The artist that drew that speeding bullet (above) with cartridge case attached is also an ignorant/ stupid liberal . Bullets do not fly with the cartridge cases attached. Who better to write laws than people that have no connection with reality. Now you know why government is so “skrued” up.

  • I really think the current establishment needs a permanent layoff. They’ve been drinking the coolant way to long and have become brain dead. I think this comming election is going to be very interesting , also to see how many brain dead voters are out there.

  • Personal body armor has been banned in the Un-Constitution state of Connecticut for years. I’ve tried ordering it online and they always come back and tell me that they can’t ship it to CT. I’ll keep trying. This has to be the single dumbest law the Libatards in this state have come up with.

  • In California, if three or more people have a collective IQ of 50 or more, they are considered an incorporated town.

  • This sounds like typical ‘progressive’ legislation. It is intended to make regular, lawful acting people more at risk while encouraging and assisting criminals and criminal activity more effective.

    Of course the logical response is to accuse Fox News of malfeasance. Sure.

  • Unreal. What this ” guy,” is proposing totally eliminates any self-defense from being shot. ( unless of course our precious government appoves it.) Another small step to new world order domination. Constitution anyone? PS Who cares about the lousy photoshop pic, on the cover of this story?

  • A Bill needs to be introduced to make liberals, socialists and communists dangerous to AMERICAN society, and now you know why!

  • this website doesn’t have anyone that reloads, bullets are cheaper and easier to get than loaded rounds of ammo.

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