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One Leaked Memo Shows The Coronavirus Cover-Up Is Worse Than You Think

One Leaked Memo Shows The Coronavirus Cover-Up Is Worse Than You Think


The Wuhan virus has taken an unbelievable toll on the world.

Health officials have been playing catch-up after bad information initially trickled out about the nature of the virus.

And one leaked memo shows the coronavirus cover-up is worse than you think.

Thus far, there over 2.3 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus and over 165,000 deaths.

The good news is it seems almost all countries have experienced the peak of the virus and are in talks about how to reopen their economies.

But another ongoing conversation is how the coronavirus spread in the first place.

Many government officials in multiple countries are rightly pointing the finger at China.

And a leaked memo confirms China was not being truthful with the world community.

The communist country waited six days before alerting the public about the threat of the coronavirus.

The Associated Press confirmed from multiple sources of a leaked memo from an anonymous medical health professional who feared retribution from China.

The memo stated:

“The epidemic situation is still severe and complex, the most severe challenge since SARS in 2003, and is likely to develop into a major public health event.”

This information was conveyed to President Xi Jinping and other party leaders, but instead of being transparent, China allowed a grand banquet for tens of thousands of people in Wuhan, the origin of the outbreak.

It wasn’t until six days later that China came clean.

At least 3,000 contracted the virus in that span and were allowed to travel out of the city, as were many others coming in and out of the country to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

China bungled the handling of the coronavirus from the start.

A study at Southampton University showed that 95% of the coronavirus spread could’ve been abated had China taken measures three weeks earlier.

Instead, the Chinese government silenced their doctors and detained citizen journalists, then compounded the problem by spreading disinformation to the World Health Organization about how the virus is transmitted.

China told the WHO that the virus doesn’t spread by human-to-human transmission – and this information was used by health officials to advise world leaders.

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Had they known the true threat of the disease, governments could’ve acted quicker in response.

Instead, tens of thousands are dead and tens of trillions of dollars are lost.

There’s no question that China will be held to account for their actions that exacerbated the global pandemic.

Companies are already leaving China because they don’t want their supply chains to be susceptible to yet another outbreak.

China is so concerned with saving face, they’re willing to let thousands die.

But this is standard operating procedure with authoritarian regimes.

Dishonesty and disinformation are built into the ideology and lives are expendable.

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