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An Event That Once Knocked Out The Power Grid Could Be More Devastating Now

An Event That Once Knocked Out The Power Grid Could Be More Devastating Now

Solar Storm

An Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack becomes a great danger every single day.

Several geopolitical enemies either have or are developing the technology to strike our power grid.

However, catastrophic events have already damaged the power grid, and another one could strike at any moment.

Donald Trump signed an executive order to improve the country’s readiness to an EMP attack.

There are certain strategic actions that can be taken place on a federal level to mitigate the possibility and repercussions of an EMP attack.

However, nobody can control the weather.

Solar flares and other space weather incidents can be just as devastating as an EMP attack, if not more so.

A solar flare is caused by an explosion on the sun that sends off a massive burst of energy.

In 1989, a solar storm hit Quebec and lit up the sky across North America.

People as far south as Cuba witnessed the event.

While it may have been a wonder to marvel, the solar storm did massive damage, causing a blackout across the Canadian province for 12 hours.

Signals to Radio Free Europe cut to Russia, causing people to believe there had been a terrifying escalation in the Cold War.

Even power grids in the United States lost significant wattage.

And 130 years prior to the 1989 event, an even more devastating solar storm known as the 1859 Carrington Event hit Earth.

The storm caused a massage disruption to worldwide telegraphs.

The surge was so powerful, so telegraph operators received an electric shock, and others’ machines were still operational even after they had manually turned off the power.

A solar storm as powerful as the 1859 Carrington Event nearly missed Earth in 2012.

According to NASA, “Analysts believe that a direct hit by an extreme [event] such as the one that missed Earth in July 2012 could cause widespread power blackouts, disabling everything that plugs into a wall socket…Most people wouldn’t even be able to flush their toilet because urban water supplies largely rely on electric pumps.”

We’ve become even more reliant on technology in the seven years since.

Such an event would sow massive chaos and disruption.

The NASA reported continued, “The total economic impact could exceed $2 trillion or 20 times greater than the costs of Hurricane Katrina. Multi-ton transformers damaged by such a storm might take years to repair.”

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) categories the levels of solar radiation on their S-scale, which ranges from S1 (minor) to S5 (extreme).

S5 events are rare, but they have the power to disrupt navigation systems, cause high-frequency radio blackouts, and permanently damage satellites.

They also create high-radiation hazards for astronauts and passengers in high-flying aircrafts.

A $2 trillion hit to the economy coupled with years of repair would be devastating, not to mention the collateral damage.

There would certainly be panic, economic displacement, and death.

In order to avoid such a catastrophe, you need to be prepared for such an event.

There’s a lot of overlap when preparing for a solar storm or an EMP.

A Faraday cage might be a good investment to protect certain electronics.

Also, be prepared to ride out a prolonged blackout, both in terms of having food and supplies, and knowing how to handle looters and other people spreading chaos.

The 1859 event, the 1989 event, and the near miss of 2012 should serve as reminders that you can never be too prepared.

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