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How To Keep A Low Profile Once Crisis Has Broken Out

How To Keep A Low Profile Once Crisis Has Broken Out


Violent confrontations often lead to catastrophic outcomes.

The chances for this increase when chaos has broken out in a particular area.

Here are some strategies for keeping a low profile in tumultuous situations.

Violent conflict should be avoided at all cost.

Even the consequences of victory could be devastating.

You could get embroiled in legal entanglements, you could suffer serious injuries, and you could make yourself a target for payback.

That’s why it’s best to know how to defend yourself without ever having to do it.

One clear way to evade serious conflict is to keep a low profile.

This is particularly true during a civil conflict where rule of law might be on shaky ground.

Here are some strategies for limiting your chances of being a target.

The main idea is the concept of becoming a “gray man.”

“Gray man” is a term for a person who blends into a crowd so well, he or she is completely forgettable.

On the street, there are typically three types of people you may come across.

First, there are vagrants and panhandlers.

They’re usually recognizable by their look and mannerisms, but people don’t perceive them as threats.

Then there are people who blend in because they’re wearing clothes that denotes a specific job.

For example, a maintenance worker or a mailman may stick out, but people assume that they belong because they’re supposedly acting in a specified role.

And then there’s the gray man.

The gray man is so good at becoming a part of the crowd, he’s virtually impossible to notice.

If you need to be able to blend into a crowd, understanding how the gray man thinks is key.

The first thing the gray man does is figure out what the average person looks like in a particular area, and mimics that.

For example, being decked out in sports paraphernalia at the home team’s stadium would be inconspicuous, but less so during a church service.

Conversely, wearing your Sunday best to a football game would stick out like a sore thumb.

The gray man adapts to a scenario and doesn’t wear anything or behave in a way that would be threatening, noticeable, or memorable.

Simple clothes like jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies in neutral colors are typically good ways to avoid suspicious eyes.

The gray man also moves with the pack, limiting his exposure.

Next, you can apply the concept of not drawing attention to your home or bug-out location.

For example, if you have an underground bunker, cover it up so it doesn’t get on anyone’s radar.

Make your bug-out space as unassuming as possible.

And don’t talk about your prepping unless you’re dealing with people in the trusted inner-circle.

Otherwise, your OPSEC (operational security) will be put in jeopardy.

If the “SHTF,” you will be a target because people not only know you have resources, they may know the extent of your defenses.

If you keep a low profile, you reduce the chances of having to get physical.

And nNo matter how adept you are at self-defense, walking away without a confrontation is always preferable.

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