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Joe Biden Is Spreading Dangerous Lies About The Wuhan Virus

Joe Biden Is Spreading Dangerous Lies About The Wuhan Virus

Joe Biden

The Democrats are leaning on fear-mongering about the Wuhan virus.

Politicians and so-called mainstream media outlets are determined to scare people inside indefinitely.

And Joe Biden is spreading dangerous lies about the coronavirus.

The Democrats are trying to hold together a coalition of moderate and progressive voters, but it’s not working.

Moderates are leaving the party in droves as they’ve come to realize that the far-left radicals now run the party.

Joe Biden has been offered to the American people as an avuncular, honest moderate who won’t upset the apple cart, but he’s only proven time and time again that he’s nothing more than an unrepentant liar.

Biden recently said that 200 million people have died from COVID-19 and it’s all Trump’s fault.

People can argue that Biden simply misspoke, but this isn’t the first time he vastly misrepresented the number of coronavirus deaths.

In the same address, he said 6 million Americans had been infected by the virus, and back in June, he said 120 million Americans had died from the pandemic.

That gaffe game on the heels of a statement during a debate where he said 150 million Americans had died as a result of gun violence.

Biden is off by several orders of magnitude.

Democrats have simultaneously argued that Biden is not in cognitive decline, but the mental mistakes keep piling up.

So either Biden is intentionally lying because he knows the corporate press won’t call him out on it or – most likely – he has serious trouble distinguishing between a thousand and a million.

The press negligence is real; a recent poll showed that a significant number of Americans believe that 30 million people have died of COVID-19 in the United States.

Biden’s false statements and the Democrat media’s willingness to fudge the numbers is feeding into the fear being used to trample over people’s freedoms.

Biden and running mate Kamala Harris have also been fueling anti-vaccine rhetoric regarding the coronavirus.

It’s almost as if the Democrats don’t want this crisis to end.

Politicians have used the virus to seize power at an unconscionable level.

Citizens have actually had to sue governors to stop them from abusing temporary executive powers, or simply enacting unconstitutional edicts.

It’s time for the over-the-top hysteria to come to an end.

America needs to fully open up right away.

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