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Joe Biden Running Mate Contender Just Gave A Chilling Authoritarian Threat

Joe Biden Running Mate Contender Just Gave A Chilling Authoritarian Threat

Gretchen Whitmer

The Wuhan virus has brought the country to a grinding halt.

But there’s still an election in November, and Democrats are going all in on Joe Biden to take down Donald Trump.

And one Biden running mate contender just gave a chilling authoritarian threat.

The Democrats are in desperation mode to take back the presidency.

They’ve rallied around Joe Biden, a 77-year-old (soon to be 78) candidate who’s battling senility.

He’s also been mired in a #MeToo imbroglio, as well as potentially corrupt dealings in Ukraine and China.

If Biden wins, it’s a foregone conclusion that his running mate will be running as the incumbent in 2024.

For these reasons, his pick for vice president is of the utmost importance.

And one of his running mate contenders just gave another troubling autocratic decree.

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, a shortlist candidate for Biden—who plans to select a woman as his running mate—is sounding alarms of concern.

Whitmer has been a poster child for local politicians who have exposed themselves as petty tyrants using the coronavirus to flaunt their authority.

She barred residents of her state from traveling to their second homes and shut down certain departments of big-box stores.

If people in Michigan want to buy seeds to plant in their gardens, they have to purchase them online because Whitmer closed down gardening sections of stores.

One business owner had to go to court just to keep his barbershop open.

Whitmer’s latest move was to tell the people of her state that her orders are “not suggestions, not optional, or helpful hints.” She essentially warned that citizens better comply with her edicts…or else.

Acts of government overreach during the pandemic are already on the rise.

In California, the mayor of Los Angeles closed down skate parks by ordering bulldozers to dump sand on the park and on the sidewalks.

He also had helicopters patrol the beaches with bullhorns in order to keep people away.

Both California and Virginia have been sued for suspending church services against First Amendment protections.

In Kentucky, the license plate numbers of church congregants were being collected.

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During the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Democrats’ conduct was so shameful, it prompted RINO senator Lindsey Graham to say, “Boy, y’all want power. God, I never hope you get it.”

The Democrats are giving you a preview of what they intend to do with that power.

In addition to the draconian lockdown orders, they’re trying to cram through socialist spending bills laden with “woke” social justice politics.

The thought of a future President Gretchen Whitmer should send a chill down the spine of any freedom-loving American.

More and more people are beginning to realize that the lockdown orders have gone too far.

Even blue states are beginning to open up despite the decrees from the governor and big-city mayors.

But Americans’ patience has been worn thin. And they won’t put up with blatantly anti-American, unconstitutional orders.

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