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Joe Biden Deepened The Border Crisis With One Absurd Policy

Joe Biden Deepened The Border Crisis With One Absurd Policy

Joe Biden
Photo by Gage Skidmore

The Biden administration hasn’t wasted any time making the country less safe.

Their views on immigration serve the interests of globalists first.

Now Joe Biden deepened the border crisis with one absurd policy.

Joe Biden made it clear on day one that his top priority is not the American worker.

Biden signed a number of executive orders that only makes the issue of illegal immigration worse.

In addition to halting production on the border wall, one of Biden’s policies was to reverse the Trump administration’s decision to include the citizenship question on the U.S. census.

Democrats exacted their revenge on the Director of the Census Bureau for carrying out Trump’s order.

Without the citizenship question on the census, Democrats get apportioned more seats in the House, so it’s to the Democrats benefit to not know how many illegal aliens are actually in the country.

The number they continuously trot out is 11 million – a figure that’s magically stayed static for over a decade.

But a recent Yale study puts the number at 22 million, meanwhile, other studies argue the actual number of illegal aliens is north of 30 million.

Another aspect largely ignored in the immigration debate is the fact that Latino Americans are not too fond of illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration is good for globalists and members of the donor class, but not for the American worker.

The unfettered flow of people into the country depresses American wages and stretches resources.

There’s also the issue of increased crime and drug trafficking.

Open borders advocates like to argue that the crime rate for illegal aliens is lower than that of Americans.

But even if that is true, the argument misses the point entirely – illegal aliens shouldn’t be committing any crimes in the country.

Whenever Americans have the chance to vote against illegal immigration, they do so.

But the elite class makes too much money off illegal immigration to put the American people first.

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