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Joe Biden Just Created A Catastrophe At The Border With One Move

Joe Biden Just Created A Catastrophe At The Border With One Move

Joe Biden
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Joe Biden’s presidency has been as bad as was expected so far.

He’s made one move after another that hurts American citizens.

And Biden just created a catastrophe at the border with one move.

The Biden administration didn’t waste any time implementing damaging policies with a spate of executive orders.

Biden has been particularly aggressive in undoing all the progress Donald Trump made regarding the border crisis.

Biden increased the refugee program by a shocking 800 percent, reinstituted the failed catch-and-release program, and halted construction on the border wall.

Not only did that make Americans less safe, it put people out of work.

An unprotected border coupled with overwhelmed Customs and Border Protection agents means the unfettered illegal immigration into the country will continue apace.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy detailed just how destructive Biden’s agenda is:

“From day one in office, President Biden’s priorities weren’t on the American people, but on prioritizing citizenship for over 11 million illegal immigrants. As part of this administration’s lawless approach to immigration, they have also decided to weaken our security at the border. These actions will only serve to incentivize migrants to flood our southern border, and runs the risk of increasing the flow of human trafficking and drugs to come into our country.”

The Biden administration thought it was best to dramatically increase the flow of people into the country amid a global pandemic and an economic crisis created by draconian lockdowns.

That is most certainly not thinking about what’s best for the American people.

“Sadly, we are already seeing the negative effects hit these communities. While President Biden can shield himself from the ramifications of his bad policies in Washington, it is our border communities who stand to suffer the consequences,” McCarthy continued.

Democrat elites always insulate themselves from the ramifications of their own ideology.

They live in gated communities with armed security and send their kids to private schools or rich-zip code public schools.

They don’t have working class jobs that are threatened by a huge supply of cheap labor.

Biden packaged himself as a moderate during the campaign, but is moving full speed ahead with a radical agenda now that he’s in office.

The American people are going to get a very clear reminder of just how bad the establishment was for the average citizen.

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