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Joe Biden Ally Just Told One Disturbing Lie About The Coronavirus

Joe Biden Ally Just Told One Disturbing Lie About The Coronavirus

Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

The Wuhan virus is being used as a pretext for some very bad policies by some very bad people.

Pro-lockdown officials have seized an unbelievable amount of power and don’t want to give it up.

Now one Joe Biden ally just told a disturbing lie about the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization is one of the many dubious institutions that’s been exposed during the Trump administration.

The WHO foolishly took China’s word that the Wuhan virus was not transmitted through human-to-human contact, which became the basis of coronavirus policy around the world.

For that reason, among others, Donald Trump made the move to defund the WHO.

Now the WHO has redefined the meaning of “herd immunity” in order to comply with the pro-lockdown politicians and health officials around the world.

The definition was massaged to exclude the idea of herd immunity being achieved by a certain percentage of the population contracting a virus and building natural antibodies to defend against it.

Now the definition defines herd immunity as occurring by way of mass vaccination.

The pro-lockdown officials have made it very clear that society cannot return to normal until as many as 90% of the people are vaccinated.

Businesses have already begun requiring vaccinations in order to use their services – the airline industry seems to be one aggressively pursuing this policy.

Establishment institutions are changing the definition of words with increasing frequency, which echoes Orwellian memory-holing.

During the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing, Merriam-Webster dictionary changed their definition of the term “sexual preference”in order to buttress an attack made by Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono.

Merriam-Webster also altered the definition of the term “court packing” in order to dovetail with the Democrats’ definition – i.e. changing the political makeup of the court even via the standard appointment process.

Of course, Democrats would never consider court-packing if several liberal justices were appointed during a Democrat administration.

Institutions like the WHO are burning their credibility in real time for everyone to see.

The elites have a very clear agenda and are willing to use organizations like the WHO to cram it down people’s throats.

But this won’t change the fact that people still have legitimate questions about a vaccine for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate.

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