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Jade Helm: Was It Just The Beginning?

Jade Helm: Was It Just The Beginning?

We’ve reported on Jade Helm before (here and here).

Just a quick reminder, if you don’t recall: Jade Helm was a “training exercise” across several states for the purpose of training our military for urban warfare. This exercise took place in American cities, and information points to the possibility of exercises like Jade Helm being used to both condition soldiers to fight everyday red-blooded Americans like you and me, but also to condition the American people to accept servitude at the feet of a military state (i.e. martial law).

Well, guess what. The U.S. military is at it again, this time in Flint, Michigan, where military pilots are flying over town and using simulated ammunition for the purpose of training to use aircraft in urban warfare.

Of course, they didn’t have the courtesy of telling the residents of Flint that sonic booms and flybys would be normal occurrences during these exercises. Local resident, Jean Glenn, said,

“There’s older people, it probably gave them a heart attack or something.”

The situation sounds eerily like a sister operation to Jade Helm to both train our military to take us over and to condition normal citizens to be sheep that go along with whatever craziness the Feds push.

What do you think: was Jade Helm just the beginning or are these unrelated “exercises?”

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