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These Items Are Essential For An Urban Survival Kit

These Items Are Essential For An Urban Survival Kit

Urban Survival Kit

Bugging out is often associated with rural areas or the wilderness.

But urban survival is more and more common as populations around big cities increase.

Here are the items you absolutely need to have in your urban survival kit.

When the SHTF, bugging out to a cabin in the woods may not be a reality for some people.

They either aren’t in a position to own the property, or a crisis—such as a government quarantine—makes fleeing an urban area impossible.

That’s why having a plan for bugging out within the city is essential.

If you don’t have a home in which to hunker down, or an emergency has rendered your home unsafe, you’ll have to be on the move.

Even if you do have a place to hunker down, you may need to leave your friendly confines to acquire essential items.

So you’ll need to be able to move around the city in a SHTF situation.

Urban survival is different from being in rural areas and out in the wilderness.

If you’re in the city, keeping a low profile is paramount, so lugging around a huge rucksack isn’t going to cut it.

You need to be nimble and unnoticeable.

That’s why a smaller survival bag with the bare essentials is key.

Here are some items you should have in your urban bug out bag.


You should have a handgun with ammunition in case a scary self-defense situation arises.

Make sure to follow the laws and procedures of your jurisdiction. However, if rule of law has completely broken down, you might have to call an audible.

Also, a knife is a stealthy self-defense option and has the added benefit of other practical uses.

Pepper spray and collapsible batons are also good self-defense options.


A small kit of screwdrivers, wrenches, and other common tools will come in handy in a SHTF situation.

Also, it would be a good idea to have lockpicking tools because you may need to get inside an abandoned building and breaking down the door could be too conspicuous.


You’ll need to get around at night and inspect certain areas in the dark.

A flashlight is essential.

It may even be a good idea to have two – one heavy-duty for maximum light and a smaller one you can hold in your mouth if you need both hands free.

Flashlights can also be used to communicate, particularly if you know Morse code.

First-Aid Kit

Make sure you have basic medical supplies to tend to any wounds or other afflictions.

Medical services will likely be limited or suspended, so have a plan to keep yourself stable.

Backup Power

Batteries and power banks to charge electronics—such as flashlights, cell phones, and tablets—are essential.

Remaining plugged in will allow you to communicate, or at the very least access important stored information.


As the Survival Rule of 3 states, you can only survive three minutes without oxygen.

Breathable air is the most important key to survival, so a mask is essential in an area where the air quality has been severely damaged by a pathogen, a terrorist attack, or a natural disaster.

Give yourself a chance to find breathable air by having a mask handy.

There are of course more items that could be added, and everyone should make adjustments for their own environment and preparation level, but these are some essential items that will help you survive an urban crisis.

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