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ISIS Terrorists Caught Planning One Disturbing Attack On Trump Tower

ISIS Terrorists Caught Planning One Disturbing Attack On Trump Tower


Domestic threats against the United States is rising in numbers.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists have sown chaos on the streets for months.

Now ISIS terrorists were caught planning one disturbing attack on a Trump Tower.

Federal agents thwarted ISIS sympathizers who planned on attacking major landmarks in New York City.

But the plot is a chilling reminder that threats to the country are not exclusive to foreign actors.

With the rise of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, political violence is the worst it’s been in several generations.

According to the New York Post:

“Two men plotted terror attacks on high-profile US targets, including Trump Tower and the New York Stock Exchange, where they claimed the destruction would be ‘Netflix worthy’ and earn them ‘rock star status,’ federal authorities said.”

The political rhetoric coming from the left is so overheated, an attack on Trump Tower would not be unexpected.

The Post continued:

“Kristopher Sean Matthews, of Elgin, South Carolina, is accused of conspiring with other ISIS supporters over a period of months, including a Texas man named Jaylyn Christopher Molina, according to a 14-page criminal complaint filed in US District Court for the Western District of Texas in San Antonio.”

The foiled attack comes off the heels of a failed ricin attack against Donald Trump.

In a normal political climate, this would serve as a sign to the left to ease on the apocalyptic language.

Over the past four years, countless members of the media have sloppily and dangerously compared Trump to Hitler, thinking their repetitive shrieks are somehow salient.

But they’re not, and they’ve given some deranged individuals the impetus to attack Republicans and conservatives in public spaces.

And the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has only veered the left further off the rails.

The disturbing thing about the plot on Trump Tower is that ISIS terrorists share a hatred of America with the radical left.

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The Post cost continued:

“Both Molina and Matthews pledged allegiance to ISIS and discussed traveling to Syria to fight for the terror group, the complaint states…’Let it be clear, I am against America,’ Molina allegedly posted in an online chat in early May. ‘America is my enemy.’”

There have been reports of Antifa militants training with ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists, so the anti-American ideology is the same.

That’s why hundreds of leftists marching through the streets of Oakland chanting “Death to America” was reminiscent of a demonstration in Tehran, Iran or any other hostile foreign country.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are actively trying to dismantle the American system, and they’re not even shy about it. The most frustrating part is that the so-called mainstream media is helping them by providing them moral cover and constant signal boosts.

It’s time to vote out the politicians who refuse to stand up to radical leftists hellbent on tearing apart the country.

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