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Is Your State Ready for a National Disaster?

Is Your State Ready for a National Disaster?

On this site we often focus on survival situations that are likely to come up as our government and our society crumble because of the foolish decisions our government makes and the blind foolishness much of the population follows.

But we wouldn’t be serving you fully if we didn’t occasionally remind you that survival situations happen during times of natural disasters, as well.

So, in that light, we recommend that you make sure that you are fully prepared because, based on the list here, most states are woefully unprepared.

In the preparedness ratings Texas ranked among the least prepared and the least safe. If there is any good to come out of the recent natural disaster issues there, we hope that individuals will get more prepared to prevent any future problems being worse than they need be. Colorado also ranked poorly in terms of preparedness.

The most prepared are Vermont and North Dakota, and the safest is Wyoming. It may be worth noting that none of these states have high population density areas (read: large cities).

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Wherever your state is in the rankings, we recommend that you prepare now because, after it happens, it’s already too late.

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