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Will This New Threat Keep You From Your Money in a Disaster Situation?

Will This New Threat Keep You From Your Money in a Disaster Situation?

Governments historically have a habit of spending all of their money and then looking for places to confiscate funds to prop up their charade a short time more. And, it looks like, our Federal government has a new target that they are going after to keep up their spending spree:

Your retirement account.

Several new proposals are on the table to tax retirement accounts to bring in more money to the Feds. This means taking more of your money, especially when you are past your most financially productive working years, and, thus, making it harder for people to both retire and also survive on their investments and savings that they worked hard to accumulate so that they wouldn’t be dependent on their families.

Among the targets being considered are limiting Roth IRA tax benefits and limiting the tax benefits of retirement account contributions.

The thing is, if you’re considering being able to dip into these funds in a disaster situation, you’ll have less there to access, which could put you in an even worse financial bind when things are already bad.

To prepare for the worst, you may want to consider setting up off grid water, power, and food supplies because, frankly, these new threats mean that your money may not last very long.

What do you think about this new proposal: Good idea or bad? Sound off below.

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