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Is This The Tipping Point For It Finally Hitting The Fan?

Is This The Tipping Point For It Finally Hitting The Fan?

Survivalists have long known that the biggest issue that we have in an overall societal collapse situation is that well-meaning leftists will use any means to reach their misguided ends.

That’s where this story gets scary.

It’s scary because leftists will buy into this man-made climate change, doom-and-gloom, it’s-the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it nonsense and use it to put in place policies that, historically, always end in a societal collapse.  Always.

This is the story of 95 year old Professor Frank Fenner who has published “hundreds of scientific papers and written or co-written 22 books,” and he says that it’s too late for humanity, that we can only delay the inevitable extinction of humanity caused by “unbridled consumption.”

Now, personally, I think that, no matter how lucid he is in general, he’s out of his head about this. But leftists eat this kind of claptrap up, and, in their hopelessly idealistic way, try to prevent what they already think is inevitable by controlling us all. Or killing most of us. Mike Adams writes,

“It is the optimists [about the survival of humankind] who say we might have a chance for a sustainable species if we immediately commit global genocide by killing off six billion people. Yes, you read that correctly: The OPTIMISTS believe we need to murder six billion people as soon as possible in order to have a shot at saving the future of our species.”

It sounds like they are gunning for all of us “little people.” Get your bug out bag ready. It could get interesting really quickly.

What do you think: Is it the end of the world as we know it? Tell us below.

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  • What your asking is are we a foresaken species, has God turned His back on His creations, and is just waiting for the end times. Perhaps, but I’m an optimist and believe although we are an imperfect people, there is always hope, and hope springs eternal which is where He resides.As for the talking heads, be amused.

  • Leftist lies on and on …
    Shooting or hanging those who disregard the U.S. constitution for treason makes more sense.. Like most in congress…

  • I have heard this philosophy from the so-called sustainable one world group – it is extremely ignorant snd comes from desire to control and out if control ego

  • It is only the end if we keep these whacko leftists in charge that want to kill all of us to save the planet or their Mother Earth. They actually believe in some magical threshold number the population should not go over and then the planet will be saved, a utopian world created by them,dreamland will appear, fantasyland will become their reality. They have been talking about creating this for decades if we would just give them the power,all the money,let them create all the laws,rules,orders, and they will make everything alright for everyone. Only the hopeless,stupid,simple minded, selfish,lazy, entitled,dependant,naive, will or can believe something that asinine. Of course our federal education system, massive nanny plantation state, and democrats bred these people into existance.

  • YA, I believe that if we don’t get our ducks in a row, we are doomed.Sooner or later, with so big a population we will make Mother earth do something to defend herself and kill off most of us so she can survive. EVERYONE is running around thinking that they deserve a lazy life and no one is willing to work in sustainable ways to make sure we can produce the NEXT crop,as long as they get rich doing it. So I believe we will make our own demise one of two ways, Mother Earth will come up with something we cant fight fast enough to save many, or WE, (and I mean a greedy government trying to find a way to make money by killing off a few million to keep from paying benefits,there’s trillions to be made there), will let loose a bio weapon and do a massive kill off to get paid AND lessen the load on Earth at the same time. I AM sure the poor. the middle class, and the welfare crowd, will NOT be invited for this event. If we don’t start forcing our politicians to be honest,AND take time to get off our butts and go back to small farms and sharing what we produce, and let Earth have time to recover from the mining, the corporate farms that pollute our water, and soil, and PUNISH with EXAMPLES made of the greedy butt wipes that don’t care if they pollute,or destroy the land or the people as long as they get paid or elected. LOOKS BAD FOR US. I no longer think man as a whole has the balls to do this.

  • The only thing going on is a communist take over of America . they use all the social and environmental things to get support from the kooks on the left they are pawns too they just don’t know it yet! The illegals are just democratic(socialist) future voters, the welfare system insures votes, there is an agenda. John you are right time to clean house. Our form of government is the best thing on earth, but it is being hijacked by communist and a bunch of self serving repubs HANG THEM ALL! and restore the REPUBLIC !!

  • I really cannot understand the American People allowing our Country to be thrown away. our vets have fought for our freedom . are people really so stupid ?? It’s hearbreaking.

  • Agree !!! Me and mine are going know where . At our ages (86 and 83) we can’t run that fast, or hide that well. WE WILL DEFEND IN PLACE. They come to get us, they WILL get us, but only after we have piled many of them up in front of us along with a large amount of empty brass and empty guns will they haul us away. Neither one of us are afraid of death. We realize there are only two absolutes in life. One is taxes and the other is death. Everything else is optional !!!

  • and when all those people, that are desperate already, join up with FEMA. for getting a job offer to good to pass up. well, they will have a hell of a paying job. of course. and when these so called fema workers are done doing what they were instructed to do. well these so called employee’s of fema, will be right back in the same boat, that the general public are sailing in. and it will be a slow boat to china, at no charge. which will mean it is free. and a lot of people don’t get anything free nowadays

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