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Is This the Single Most Important Survival Skill?

Is This the Single Most Important Survival Skill?

Do you know what the most important survival skill is? Is it water purification? How about food production (hunting, gathering, farming) or food storage? Medical treatment skills? Barter and sales skills to get the items that you need from someone else? Self-defense skills, including shooting and martial arts or reality-based self-defense training?

I would argue that, while all of those are important skills, they are not the most important survival skill. I would argue that the most important survival skill is:

Situational Awareness.

Why? Because, if you can’t “read the tea leaves” of what will happen in a situation or are unaware of your immediate needs and surroundings, then you are a sitting duck when it hits the fan.

You must be able to quickly surmise a situation, see available opportunities and resources, along with potential resources (what you can use as “raw materials” to make something useful such as seeing an empty 100 gallon metal drum and seeing that as a source of metal for other projects or as a handy container for fire, etc.) including food sources such as animals to hunt or food to gather.

Another thing to remember is that this is a learned skill. You can train for this skill, and you must work with your family to do so.

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Think about it: it is situational awareness that will save your bacon so you can put all of that planning to use when it is needed and before it’s too late.

What do you think is the most important survival skill? Tell us below.

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