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One Crazy Event that Has Brought Us Closer to a Maoist Nightmare

One Crazy Event that Has Brought Us Closer to a Maoist Nightmare

Want to see something scary (even though it’s not Halloween)? Then, just take a look at what has been happening on the campus at Missouri University. Mao would be proud.

How can I say that? Well, to quote,

“A more accurate political comparison [of the Missouri University situation] would be Mao’s Red Guards in China during the so-called Cultural Revolution. Mao’s youthful Red soldiers helped him re-educate millions of Chinese who were considered enemies of the Cultural Revolution.

“The students in Missouri and on college campuses around the country have yet to abduct and re-educate those who do not subscribe to their “social justice” agenda, but they have repeatedly demonstrated a desire to do so.

“Mao encouraged students to attack “counterrevolutionaries” and those who deviated from the Maoist ideology.”

Take, for example, the photographer who was threatened for wanting to take pictures in a “safe space” on campus.

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Unfortunately, with this escalation of mob rule in specific situations, history shows that the situation has a good chance of getting worse. If you value your freedoms, we would recommend that you have your stuff packed and ready to go so that you can bug out when the first implementation of Maoist ideology hits your neighborhood.

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