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Is This The New Web To Use For Privacy?

Is This The New Web To Use For Privacy?

You already know that privacy is a vanishing commodity in today’s interconnected internet world, and a quick glance at the news makes it clear that the situation is getting worse and worse. Whether the issue is our own government spying on us through the NSA or other government organizations or whether the issue is large companies like Google, Amazon, or Facebook keeping tabs on and building a database about you, you know that the world knows more about you than your neighbor does.

Fortunately, more Americans seem to be becoming concerned about this issue, and a journalist recently decided to give people a way to research and discuss things without intrusion from governments or large corporations. Jay Syrmopoulos writes,

Digital rights activist and award-winning journalist Barrett Brown’s Pursuance Project is close to becoming a reality, as the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the creation of this ambitious suite of interconnected digital tools, including virtual conference rooms, calls, video, text, project management — all protected by military-grade end-to-end zero-knowledge encryption – closes in on its goal needed to fund the project’s development costs.

The Pursuance Project is a software platform that Brown designed to help journalists, researchers, and activists collaborate securely – without fear of government or private contractor surveillance. The software offers the same protection that SecureDrop provides but extends that level of security to your team communications, emails, texts, video and more.

Now, granted, the Pursuance Project isn’t designed to simply be a secure surfing source for privacy for everyone, but it is a step in the right direction, and, if you’re an open advocate for privacy (since you’re reading this website, I’ll assume that you are), then you may be able to find a place on this site for accessing and reviewing information about how to keep your private life private.

Even if you don’t choose to be an advocate, you can certainly be a researcher for specific topics so that you could find information on the Pursuance Project’s website that is likely to not be available elsewhere.

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And you can also like that the Pursuance Project has the potential to create a model that other websites can use to protect privacy and online independence without government intervention or intrusion.

At the very least, the Pursuance Project is something to keep an eye on in our ongoing efforts to protect your privacy.

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