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Is This The Most Ridiculous Reason That Anyone Has Been Held At Gunpoint?

Is This The Most Ridiculous Reason That Anyone Has Been Held At Gunpoint?

If you get your news from other sources than the mainstream media, then you may know about how government agencies are doing some pretty bizarre things. You may also know about some of the armed conflicts that have happened, but you may not know about the armed threats that have occurred that have not ended (thankfully) in the death of someone.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the militarization of non-military government agencies is scary. For example, notes:

“The USDA has used its new military power to threaten people who grow lemon trees; force large fines on people for selling bunnies; confiscate raisins for no real reason; and ruin the livelihoods of small farmers.

“One USDA SWAT team even seized bees privately owned that were proven resistant to Monsanto’s GMO Roundup and killed all remaining Queens. This shows the incestuous relationship between crooked corporations like George Soro’s Monsanto and government agencies.

“The USDA is not alone in its abuse of power. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have recently used their swat teams to bully Americans for lobbyist interests or to punish political enemies.”

Yes, you read that right: people were threatened at gunpoint for growing lemon trees. Sounds like a legitimate use of government force, don’t you think? Wouldn’t you say that the threat from growing lemon trees is on par with the danger of terrorism attacks in major U.S. cities? You don’t? Good. That means that your head is screwed on straight, unlike the unelected government beaurocrats who enforce EPA, USDA, and BLM regulations.

Daniel Barker writes about a disturbing trend in our government agencies:

“Over the past ten years, 44 “traditionally administrative” federal agencies have spent more $71 million on military equipment, including cannon launchers, firearms and ammunition.

“As the federal government increasingly encroaches on Second Amendment freedoms, it is also arming itself to the teeth. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that law enforcement agencies are also becoming more militarized by the day.”

Unfortunately, the mainstream media isn’t even touching on this disturbing trend, and, so, our country is getting even scarier by the day, not because of a real threat of terrorism, but because of a real threat of random abuse by our own government.

What do you think should be done about this growing government militarization problem? Tell us below.

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  • The only choice is to make the Constitution the Law of the land again. The government must be held accountable to the people by the Constitution. This includes every branch, every department, every elected official. If a person takes a government office or is appointed to a government position, and takes the oath of office that states that they will, without any reservations, uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and then does not abide by that oath, then they must be removed from office. No person who is even suspected of a crime, of not upholding the laws of this nation, should be even considered for public office, or public appointment.

    How can anyone expect a crook, a criminal, to look out for their interests?

  • Well that does it! When they start banning the growing of “lemon trees” then they’ll be after us for growing our own vegetables and brewing our own beer. Our government has gone amuck!!! In the words of Lennon & McCartney “You say you want a revolution, well you know, we don’t want to change the world . We just want to live our lives in harmony with no government interaction or abuse! Get back to where you once belong!!! Get back Monsanto!! Get out of our lives!!! Your going to start a war that you can’t win!!! It’s called free enterprise!.

  • We do not need most of those agencies that are inflicting this chaos, most of it thanks to the ass-in-chief. George Soros is getting old. Hope he hurries up and kicks the bucket.

  • Who is in charge of these agencies and why don’t they know what their employees are doing or do they know. We have an agency where we live that charges us taxes and bills us for our power, it makes its own rules (laws that we must follow) and we can’t vote for or against this agency and the person or CEO runing it. It is not under the control of the governor or the president and yet it controls who gets power and who doesn’t, yes, and it tells us and companies how much power we get. I keep getting letters telling me I am using more power than my neighbors and I should do something about it. I am paying for the power I use which is more than my neighbors because they can afford to buy solar power and wind power and have a basement with a heater in it while I have a crawl space with a dirt bottom. I can’t afford to raise and move the house to put a basement in it, paying the power bill is still cheaper than putting in a basement. I don’t see why as long as I pay more for my power usage than other states pay for my power it is none of this gov’t agency’s business. This power agency sells my power to other states at a lower rate than those who live in my power source area pay. We complain and complain and no legislature person wants to take this gov’t agency on. This agency needs to be closed and let the people who live around the power source own the power and determine where it goes into other states. Other states should be responsible for their own power source and charge their people what we get charged. Since when does a gov’t agency get to make it’s own laws and lord over the people and it doesn’t have to answer to a state or federal legislature. The Constitution doesn’t give this right to make laws and tax and control ones electrical power to a gov’t agency that has to answer to noone, not even to the taxpayer vote.

  • Haven’t seen a honey bee all year. I’m in the South, a friend of mine is in Penna, has seen none up there.
    Also at nite the nearby street lights were swarmed with dozens of bugs flying around them all of my life. Not many or in some cases ANY at several if not all street lights in my area this year. Something is surely going on, with all the missing bees and flying insects. Only the wasps seem to be thriving.

  • You cannot vote for liberty, if you want it, need it, cannot live without it, you will have to take it, otherwise you are a slave and are content to be a slave!
    When it costs the ordertakers their blood to take our freedoms then they will quit. get it?

  • I certainly agree, but how do we enforce the CENTRAL (no longer truly federal) government in abiding buy the Constitution?

    Perhaps the only two ways of doing so short of another revolution is to have the States resort to nullification and to call for an Article V Convention in order to force the government to return to its constitutional duties outlined in Article 1 Section 8. Sadly, we know that neither the SCOTUS nor Congress will do so.

  • It’s not that the agencies are unconstitutional per se, but that they’ve egregiously overstepped their duties outlined in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. It’s time to trim them back – with a chain saw.

  • As Jefferson wrote, “The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

  • We have a much bigger problem than that. Used to be that people knew how to spot a lie, could see through a fraud, and understood that every action had consequences. For example, there are a lot of people who believe that Hillary Clinton has done nothing wrong, in spite knowing that she lied under oath to Congress and to the people, so many times that we may likely never know the extent of her lies. And yet, they still believe in her, that she should be our president.

    No, our problem is that far too many people have a belief that is based on lies, and they will ignore any inconvenient truth in the cause of their belief. Worse, as true zealots, they cannot and will not compromise, in any way. (Watch the entire hearing held yesterday with director Comey listening for who is asking questions seeking the truth and who is making political statements denying the need to know the truth.)

    I’m afraid we could not reach any agreement in a convention. I don’t know how to hold these liars and oath breakers accountable, when so many people are so completely sold on the lie, so completely and willing duped.

  • We must eradicate the pestilence of “progressives” in our Republic, before it is too late, if it isn’t already! Teddy Roosevelt, was a progressive, but of a different type. He helped us create the National Park System, and protection of some of our “endangered” animals. But then there are the present day Wilsonian progressives, who believe that we the unwashed, need them to administer our lives, because we are not smart enough to take care of ourselves. The progressives believe the Constitution is out of date, and should no longer apply to “we the people”. Half of our Supreme Court believes the same thing! The Wilsonian progressives believe that only they are smart enough and educated properly, to lead us to the “correct (left) path”. Why else would they have this obsession with “getting a degree” in some useless discipline that only serves to put these young people in extreme debt for the rest of their lives, and may help them get a job that barely sustains them in a position just above the poverty line, with no possible way to pay off the “student loan” debt. While these young people are attending these institutions of “higher learning”, they will be indoctrinated in the “proper” mindset so that they can fit in to the progressive point of view. Young people are led to believe that learning a trade is somehow demeaning and only suitable for less intelligent people of a “lower station” in life! I’m sorry, but I don’t know any poor plumbers, electricians, or mechanics. These people a vital component of modern life, and no literature or poetry major can live without them! Have you seen how much a Registered Nurse earns in a year? Have you heard anything about a surplus of Registered Nurses? I didn’t think so.

  • What you say is true, but the elite will always find someone who will fight and die for them, for a price, so that they remain insulated from the “angry unwashed masses”. We could be confronted by a large group of “white” troops, and not know for sure who they are until we hear them speak. sometimes a uniform will give them away, but a “SWAT” uniform is just another black uniform, made in China.

  • Some say that the only way to control most of these out of control agencies, is for congress to do its job and Unfund them! The national budget needs to stop being this monstrous thousands of pages, and go back to individual concise bills that address each subject individually. A separate bill to fund or not, each individual subject. The most recent incident with the EPA poisoning the River with no repercussions against the advice of an actual mining engineer, is a perfect example of an agency gone mad.

  • Sadly, there’re two problem you allude to. The first is that many politicians and officials will accept a lie to protect their jobs. TRhe second is that many citizens will believe a lie if that party will continue giving them their benefits.

    If the States are unable to rein in the CENTRAL government trhe only answer may be revolution. But they usually create more problems than they solve.

  • How can ANYONE Expect Vice victor Hauk to have the Vaguest Idea of what is actually in the U.S. Constitution????!1
    ABSURD Expectation.

  • I don’t know, all anyone has to do is read it. The language isn’t that difficult.

  • 45 years ago I took an oath, the old oath, where I swore to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I was never relieved from my duties, never had that oath revoked. When I took that oath, I swore before witnesses and before God that that I was taking on the duties of said oath freely, willing, without duress, without any mental reservations.

    At the time, being a very young man, I truly did not understand the oath I was taking, nor the Constitution I was swearing to protect and defend. One can’t expect a 19 year old person to understand the import of such things. But, I remember taking that oath, I remember saying the words and thinking about what they meant. And in that moment, and over all the years from that time, I have seen that the Constitution is our nation, and that without this document in the foremost place in place in our governments, guiding those who chose to serve the people of this nation, that freedom cannot exist.

    I hear a certain candidate for president say of each and every single bill of our rights that they, those bill of rights, are subject to reasonable government regulation. But I ask, “who determines reasonable?” The government? That can’t be right, because obviously the government does not like the yoke, the burden placed upon them by the Constitution. Obviously if the government can regulate the Constitution, then they can remove its restrictions on themselves.

    For this is what I understand about the Constitution; that it does not restrict us as citizens, rather it protects us from a government that has decided that it’s purpose and goal is not to serve us and our interests, but rather serve itself and its (the government’s) interest. And by this understanding we can know this one fact, that whenever the government, and those who are a part of that government, decide to dishonor their oath of office to the Constitution, that then that person is no longer serving us the citizens, but themselves.

    I did not swear to defend a government that believes it has the right to rule us in any way it sees fit, but rather to defend the Constitution and by extension the government ruled by the Constitution. I did not swear to defend tyranny, I swore to defend freedom.

    So yeah, maybe I don’t understand the Constitution, like you say.

  • One could try preparing for such an event, I suppose–keeping the necessary hardware handy.

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