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Is This Natural Bug Repellent Better Than DEET?

Is This Natural Bug Repellent Better Than DEET?

If you’ve ever spent any time in nature, you know that the insect population can have a field day with your, biting, and scratching, and being a general nuisance to you. And, maybe you’ve wondered what to do in a survival situation when your local Wal-Mart with it’s insect repellent spray isn’t an option.

Try a yarrow tincture.

Now, admitedly, this tincture takes a bit of planning ahead because it is recommended to be allowed to sit for six weeks before use for the insect repellent effect to be optimal. Fortunately, though, you simply need a few things like canning supplies, 100 proof vodka (for the tincture, not for drinking), and yarrow which grows across much of the continental United States. says,

“[Yarrow’s] flowers are small and clustered, and can manifest in a variety of appealing colors including red, pink, yellow or the common white. But these amazing plants represent more than just eye candy, offering health-conscious folks a safe escape from pesky mosquitoes, horse flies, ticks and various other insects, all without the need to apply any poison.

So, plan ahead with this natural repellent or make some while you’re living off of the land so that you can avoid those frustrating insect bites and all that they entail.

What do you use for insect repellent in survival situations? Tell us below.

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