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Is This Legal? Watch Federal Agent Do The Unthinkable

Is This Legal? Watch Federal Agent Do The Unthinkable

Law enforcement, especially Federal agents, too often seem to be made up of people who have too much aggression and too much love for power and violence. This is exemplified by the recent purchase of large amounts of hollow point bullets by the Feds, but, on a more personal and individual level, there is this assault of a woman who is simply exercising her Constitutional right to film our government employees on the job.

Assault? Yes, assault. This thug walks up to this woman in a menacing manner while carrying an assault rifle (what the benevolent Feds want to ban) and knocks her cell phone out of her hand and kicks it aggressively away.

If someone did this to you, you wouldn’t take it as a friendly government official looking out for your best interest, would you? I think not.

Watch the situation happen below (warning: language NSFW):

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Now, you tell me, is this just an example of an out of control Federal police force? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Officer should be fired for destroying the phone, I don’t think he could be charged with assault though. He didn’t really grab her he just grabbed the phone out of her hand. then he destroyed it! Fire him!!

  • The assault is the threat to cause harm which came from aggressively moving toward a lawful citizen. There is also a physical battery when he grabbed her hands and took the property. That is also grand larceny by force, a class 1/A felony in any state, and then destroyed both private property and evidence in a criminal case which is felony obstruction of justice. The total maximum federal charges would put him in jail for over 55 years

  • That annoying bitch got on my nerves. She should have had her head bashed in. Could any of you posters honestly say that if you were doing your job and that annoying bitch kept talking and filming you, you wouldn’t do the same?

  • Not in most states, it would be a misdemeanor, a fine and no jail till. This information is based on my 31 years in City and Federal Law Enforcement. Just the fact he took the phone and threw it on the ground doesn’t constitute theft. Destroying private property doesn’t constitute obstruction of Justice. Now if she destroyed law enforcement property she could be charged with obstruction of Justice if they were investigating a crime. You need to to re-investigate where you got your info from, because what you said is not true or accurate!

  • Obamas pay back to America because of slavery and other social injustices not addressed in the constitution and Abe and Martin had a dream that turned into a nightmare.

  • If this meeting was so secret, why is it being held in public? You have no expectation of privacy in public.

  • I hope he was fired. Then he should be prosecuted for destroying potential evidence of a crime being commited.

  • I find your assertions very hard to believe. If you are right then it’s no wonder cops operate with impunity in such situations. It’s time for a drastic change of leadership and return back to constitutionally based law enforcement.

  • It is OBVIOUS this woman is trying to ANTAGONIZE POLICE and INTERFERE with an ACTIVE POLICE OPERATION. This, so called, woman is lucky she did not get slammed and arrested, as it should have been! She is probably RELATED TO THE CRIMINAL the Officers are trying to arrest.
    Her interference could have gotten someone HURT or KILLED. Her efforts to distract and thwart police, in favor of her CRIMINAL FAMILY/FRIEND did not work and her 15 minutes of fame is up! STUPID BITCH! Oh, and to the person recording this lady, nice try. It is clear you two are WORKING TOGETHER to try and START SOMETHING!

  • No but it is plain he committed battery, and he should be held accountable for that act.

  • If I’m doing my job and it’s in a public place and I’m not doing anything wrong then I wouldn’t care if someone filmed me or not, seems that they had something to hide by their actions, and if that’s the case I hope that chip in the phone wasn’t damaged, in any case he committed the crime of battery.

  • If the police are on a public street, then it doesn’t matter what the lady’s thoughts or motivations were, a public official has no expectation of privacy in a public place, and committing battery is not the way to resolve the issue.

  • The cops were being total A-holes. Those clowns could have easily shoe-d her away but the idiot didn’t even bother telling her that she was too close. Fire the Big Rambo Want-2 B

  • Officer had no right to destroy her phone, but I am curious…..I could not hear what she continually yelled at these guys. It might have been smarter to do what the person across the street was doing and “stay back” and “shut up”. It usually doesn’t help if you yell at officers, even if you want to. It is just going to rile someone up, so maybe the yellers should be different from those filming. Just an idea.

  • Yes, then y’all would be accusing him of assaulting the woman. She should have to arrested for interfering. She could have caused someone to be hurt. It is clear she was not thinking of anyone but herself and trying to start something. which obviously she has, since people are drinking the proverbial koolaid.

  • yep, just ANOTHER example of a DICK with a badge that REALLY needs his ass kicked ! i would get a lawyer and press charges, then hang his ass just like donell101 states, he broke the law ! he broke SEVERAL laws !

  • Well. that’s unfortunate because these days the police are losing public support and they wonder why people are not likely to cooperate with them. I don’t report anything I see anymore. Let them figure it out for themselves.

  • A federal judge had ordered in November that the city of Ferguson and
    its employees “shall not enforce or threaten to enforce any rule,
    policy, or practice that grants law enforcement officers the authority
    or discretion to arrest, threaten to arrest, or interfere with any
    individual, including any member of the media or member of the public
    photographing or recording in public places unless that person is
    threatening the safety of others or physically interfering with the
    ability of law enforcement to perform their duties.

  • The problem is no Judge will sign a warrant against the Federal Agent for assault, Based of the recording and based on law description of assault. Destruction of private property will be the only charge a Judge will let her sign. Then she will have to sue him in civil court to be reimbursed for the phone. Sorry facts are facts.

  • Got news for you. He did assault her when he grabbed the phone out of her hand. Its police like this that make the job hard for other officers that just try to do their jobs. I am a retired officer of 30+ years and if this jerk was one of my officers he would get written up. Its is guys like him that get other officers killed!

  • Assault, and felony charges have not change in a 100 years. No assertion, just plain fact. he most criminal charge she will be able to get a Judge to sign is destruction of private property which is a Misdemeanor. Then she will have to sue the Officer in civil court to recover the cost of her phone! Now you do have many Officers out there that are ass#$%#*. But not all, I have recommended many for termination during my tender of being in charge of Internal Affairs at my department. But lets not label all Police as ass&%$#*. Thank God I am retired! Even my own Department lowered their hiring standards and when the Chief refused to terminate an ass#%$#* that should have been fired I submitted my resignation and retired. Law Enforcement agencies have continued to lower requirements to fill positions unfortunate the bad apples get into law enforcement that way. The ones getting hired now takes the lower paying job because of the power involved. Because good people can make more money with less hassle. They don’t take the job anymore to serve the public!

  • He committed battery, and yes with the video evidence presented I would file a complaint through the local sheriff’s office, he is an elected official and answers to the people of his county, and the sheriff is the highest law enforcement official in the county higher than the federal officers. If the sheriff is an honest individual (I’m willing to bet most are) he would investigate and then seek a warrant for the federal officers arrest for battery based on the evidence provided.

  • You want get the first judge to sign a warrant on him for assault. Grabbing her phone out of her hand doesn’t justify assault. Where you get your info needs to change. The most that could happen to the Officer is termination for his actions. A misdemeanor warrant for destruction of private property, and she will have to sue him in civil court to get phone paid for. criminal trial Judge doesn’t have the power to force the officer to pay for phone. Only the Civil Judge has that power!

  • You need to look up your State statute on assault. I am telling you no judge will signed assault charges on what the video shows. Destruction of Private Property is the only charge the judge will sign regardless whom ever she goes to either the Sheriff’s department or to the Police Department to sign the affidavit. Judge will not sign. More than likely the Sheriff Department or the Police Department when she arrives they want let her sign the affidavit for assault anyway so a Judge want see it any way!

  • What he did according to the law in the State of Florida is Theft possibly Grand Theft (a FELONY) depending on the value of the phone and criminal mischief. He should be fired and charged for the crimes he just commited.

  • As a lifelong Federal Officer of many agencies, The officer violated her First ADM rights, Assaulted her, destroyed personal property, and a few other charges that could and should be filed. Very unprofessional, and he does not possess the patience of a stable Federal Officer. Argue with me if you like, SPOT ON!

  • Johnny, you are confusing two different and distinct criminal acts, the officer did not commit assault, he committed battery, assault is an attempt to do bodily injury without actually touching that person, an example is if you were to swing at me with your fist and missed, if you would stop at that point it is only assault, battery is a completely different issue, if you take that same swing and connect it becomes battery, Battery is a more serious act. The officer clearly committed battery, anytime you invade someones space in an unwanted manner and physically touch them it is battery, there is no way that the officer was able to take her phone from her without physical contact, and the battery does not have be injurious to be a criminal act. The property damage is a separate issue, and is considered a civil matter, that would be between her and him in a small claims court for recovery of the cost to replace the phone.

  • If police seek to improve the relationship with the public then they need to police themselves. This incident looks like a good place to start. This thug should be fired before he kills someone without just cause.

  • Her head bashed in? Really? I think she should have shot the fucking cop for assaulting her. If the cop can’t handle the job, he should quit.

  • We don’t do chicken crap charges like Battery where I live. We did away with Battery in the earlier 80’s I thought other states would have caught up with us by now. Guess not!

  • I think you are being a bit presumptuous to assert that “no judge will sign a warrant against the Federal Agent for assault.” These days, I don’t believe there is ANYTHING that you could claim “no judge” would do. Judges seem to pretty much do whatever they damn well please, and plenty of them would be pleased to bring assault charges against such an out of control officer or agent.

  • See above comment, Johnny. And I question you credentials since you don’t even know the difference between “want” and “won’t.” Is that how you wrote up your reports during your 31 years of service?

  • What chicken crap state do you live in, Johnny? Ten to 1 it is a liberal northern state. You sound like a true “progressive,” wanting other states to catch up with you. Hopefully none ever will.

  • Really like that idea of Obama’s to have a national police force just as well-equipped and equal to our military, don’t you, Julie? Be careful what you wish for.

  • Maybe she should have given him a good old fashion between his legs i know then she would be charged for that just saying.

  • Johnny,
    You are trying to combine federal law and state law. They are not always the same, as the burden of proof varies as well as the statute wording. In the states I was a police officer in this officers act was one of aggression and assault. In Texas especially I would have arrested him for assault and destruction of private property, both being a criminal offense in Texas.

  • All of you are a bunch of cop haters, why don’t you call a crack head the next time you need the Police. Moron!

  • I sure you hit and miss a key once or twice in your life time. I don’t need you picking apart my statements. If that is all you doing is picking apart people statements. You must not have a life! Your just another cop hater. I am sure at sometime in your miserable life you will need the Police, so do everybody a favor and call a crack head instead!

  • Lets watch what happens, Assault charges want happen based on video evidence. Destruction of Private Property is the only charge that the officer can be found guilty of. Video evidence shows no battery or assault based on Misdemeanor and Felony Law.

  • When the government fears the people, liberty. When the people fear the government, tyranny.

  • Citizens are allowed to video the police. The actions that the officer took are not acceptable and he should be held accountable based on policy. I am a cop and would have handled it differently. I would have either cordoned off the are to restrict access or obtained the persons information so her phone and video could been secured as potential evidence. She would have been issued a subpoena for court since she was so interested in the event. That goes for the person videoing the incident from across the street as well. You have the right to video but the police and courts have a right to obtain any information that could potentially impact a case. If they refused to cooperate then the police would have recourse to charge them for obstructing and investigation, maybe destroying evidence if they erased or tampered with the video, and maybe contempt of court for not complying with a court order. If people want to be so involved in what the police are doing, then let them be involved all the way to testifying in court and providing what evidence they mat have collected. I don’t know the circumstances of why the police were there to begin with but they were wearing gear that would indicate a potential threat. So maybe it was a drug dealer or violent offender they were after. Maybe the offender would appreciate seeing their neighbors testifying in court on behalf of the prosecution.

  • Filming an armed operation and posting it on youtube just doesn’t sit right with me. She could have filmed it from inside her home. She was just an annoying bitch. She is lucky she isn’t black. They could have shot her and blamed her for the person they were pursuing getting away. In the mean time if I were you tmbrwolf, I would call this lady and have her film you all day and comment on everything you are doing since it doesn’t bother you.

  • It may not sit right with you, but it is completely legal, those are public servants in public view, and the public has every right to film them, conversely they have no right to commit battery just because they don’t want to be recorded. As I said in the original post, I wouldn’t care if someone filmed me as long as what I’m doing is in the public eye, I have nothing to hide, other than public space, she would have no right to record.

  • If this happened to me i wold Have arrested him for Destruction of private property . the woman should take action.if that don’t work leave it up to God they wold beg her to kick there a–.after the punishment they wold get from GOD.Case Closed.

  • The officer would have a lawsuit filed on him if it was me.If she was not doing anything He had no reason to do what he did.

  • Taking the phone doesn’t bother me as much as the sheer aggression and hostility he used. He assaulted her. This is a battery. If no one was around, my feelings are he would have hit her. He was full of rage and was on the verge of attacking her until he realized he might be taped. Very scary but if this doesn’t wake up America, what will?

  • That (I won’t use the term officer) as he doesn’t come near enough to be called that is an AZZHAT first class. He must have passed the DHS phsyc test. Aggressive, bulling tendencies and an all around jerk. In reality that is becoming more and more prevalent today. I think it is that some officers are belligerent and aggressive and are not going to allow themselves to be recorded violating someones rights. . It is in their nature and why the become officers. To bully .
    Have you noticed in all the major Cities and towns that the words ” to serve and protect” are no longer on police cars?. As they are up graded it is removed from them. That has been going on for several years now. Subtle little tings telling us bad changes are ahead.

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