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Is This CNN Host A Doomsday Pepper? Watch The Video CNN Plans To Air During the Apocalypse!

Is This CNN Host A Doomsday Pepper? Watch The Video CNN Plans To Air During the Apocalypse!

Comments from Anderson Cooper’s new book The Rainbow Comes and Goes strongly suggest he is a survivalist or as he calls it a “catastrophist”. Cooper, the son of wealthy heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, has reported from many natural disasters and atrocities including the Rwandan genocide. Witnessing catastrophes for a living is probably a pretty natural way to become a survivalist.

From the Weekly Standard:

On Thursday morning, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt were on the Diane Rehm Show to discuss their new book The Rainbow Comes and Goes.

In the last half-hour of the show, a listener question elicited somewhat of an odd response from Cooper:

REHM: [Reading listener message] And finally, I hope you’ll shed light on the enigmatic title of the book. I’m perplexed. Was this an internal struggle?

Well, we’ve already said that the quote comes from Wordsworth, but what does the title mean to you?

COOPER: Well, to me there’s a slight note of resignation to it. My mom, she believes the rainbow comes and goes. Meaning, there may be sadness and tragedy, but the rainbow’s gonna come back. And there’s good times just around the corner. And my mom is ready to embrace that rainbow with open arms.

I hear it a slightly different way, which is what I love about the title, which is the Rainbow Comes and Goes… I’m not so sure it’s gonna come back. Knowing nature, it always come back… But I don’t know it’s going to come back where I’m at. Maybe I’ll be in a different place and I won’t be able to see the rainbow, so I actually I want to prepare for those days when the rainbow is not around. I wanna, like, stock up on food. I wanna have, you know, supplies, medical supplies ready. I wanna have money in the bank. My mom believes good times, you know, good things are just ahead and sort of embraces that.

REHM: She is the optimist.

COOPER: Yes, I am the catastrophist. I expect catastrophe to occur.

Perhaps the fact that so many of our fellow citizens live life without ever giving a second thought to fact that catastrophe could strike without warning should surprise us more than the idea that a mainstream CNN personality is a survivalist.

Being prepared and having the skills to survive dynamic threats to our existence needn’t be rooted in any form of paranoia. As a new writer here at Survival Institute I look forward to interacting with you as we plan and prepare for all classifications of threats with one simple goal, survival.

I hope you stay tuned to our emails because the S will HTF every week here on Survival Institute as we cover the best survival articles on the web from this one tremendous website.

Ohh, Anderson Cooper isn’t the only catastrophist over at CNN. Since CNN plans to broadcast until the end of the world they have already selected their final segment in the event that the human race is doomed. No joke, below is the video they will play when apocalypse is upon us according to The Belfast Telegraph.

Watch it below:


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  • Great irony. CNN — media’s flagship of anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-Biblical, anti-family values, anti- etc., etc., etc.,.. you really think a hymn played on a loop is going to get you in God’s good graces once the Apocalypse has begun ??? Too little, too late,… but He’ll explain it to you Himself.

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